Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Would be rude not to wouldn't it!!!?

A very fine Thursday to you all inky fruit fans! Actually it's Wednesday night......but i was so excited i had to post this early lol......

It's that day again when we forget just for a few minutes who's having an affair with who on your favourite TV soap, forget about all those important chores that need doing, and forget about feeding the family....because once again it's time for......."Fruit i inked today!!!".

However something is different this week. There is something in the air, something mystical, magical.....dare i say hauntingly terrifying.....yes folks it's Halloween!!!! :)
So this week, influenced by the hundreds of fantastic works of art i have seen on the net at this spooky time of year, i thought it only right that i should stray from the fruity path and ink a....


Now usually i have always done the basic two eyes, a nose and a smile on my pumpkins. However this year, and especially since i have started blogging, i have been totally gobsmacked at the amazing pumpkins out there! Some fantastic works of art, all hand carved. So i thought it was only right that i try my hand at some kind of design, so i went with a basic scary skull.
I was pretty impressed as it was my first try, but even more impressed when i saw it in full effect with the lights off!

A success!!! As far as the inking was concerned, you may be wondering about the lack of colour. Well i thought that to keep the Halloween look, I'd keep as much orange as possible, yet i wanted to use some ink at least.....after all it is that time of the week! So i opted for what can loosely be described as tiger stripes. Just using Adirondack "Pitch Black", i had a great time making this scary fella stripey!

Now unfortunately, i did not have one of those Dremel hobby drills that many people seem to cut intricate patterns out with, so i made do with a scalpel, a pokey tool and a big DIY drill! :)
Hence one of the teeth being slightly wonky, it's difficult being as precise as a dental surgeon with a drill i usually put shelves up with!

After trying to keep the pumpkin steady whilst i used this drill on the teeth, i decided to cross my legs and hold it between my thighs whilst i did the rest of the teeth. So as i am sure you will appreciate, being in that position....the last thing i was worried about was me drilling a wonky tooth!!!
The only mishap was that afterwards, whilst admiring my masterpiece, i noticed i'd cut the bottom off instead of the top lol.....but i won't tell if you don't! :)
Despite this being a vegetable, i'm going to give the pumpkin an honourary fruitinkability rating of 8......purely because this was such a cool thing to make and ink.
Thanks for tuning in everyone, i hope you like my pumpkin, and i hope you have a great night on out for those witches!!!!!!!! :)))


Nikki said...

Brilliant... definately deserves the honourary rating..

SUE said...



Cicero's Wife said...


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Fantastic!!! Well done you!! ^.^

Even I was scared reading about where it was wedged whilst drilling!!! *.*
You might have given it 8/10...but I'll give you 10/10 for bravery!! lol

maddy hill said...

A truely magnificent creation Calvin!
You so impress me at times ...----------- the other times mind you scare the life out of me with your mishaps - or in this case a near one !!!! lol

Creative Treasures said...

Wow, its fantastic calvin


Calv said...

Thanks everyone! :))

I had such a fun time making this, it's even more worth while when people like it.

Sorry i scare you so much Maddy lol, but imagine how boring i'd be if i wasn't like that lol. xxx

Trine Blix said...


Thank you for popping by my blog allowing me to discover yours!
I just LOVE to find blogs by people who have the ability to think outside the box - thank you for a lot of inspiration!

By the way - that wire hanger you have shown in a post below - did you make it your self? I'm in need of a cool hanger for my next project, so that one was perfect!

Calv said...

Hi Trine, thanks for stopping by, i feel i'm going to be spending a long time on your blog, so much inspiration there. :)

The wire hangers are great aren't they? I got them from Jennie's shop "The Artistic Stamper". Her link is down the side of my blog under Crafty Shops.

Go to her home page and click on shop, then go down to "altered art", and there you have two different styles of these fabby hangers, or you can buy the mix of the two styles.

Hope that helps Trine,


patty w said...

Great pumpkin Calv!

It is truly bootiful!

Karen said...

Well I am suitably impressed Calvin. That's one mean pumpkin!! Bravo!

VexedAngel said...

Such a COOL pumpkin! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog! About scrapbooking and music therapy!

Re: the summer layout, the frame around the photo is this beautiful transparency, I think by Fancy Pants, it is painted and then the backside is covered in glitter, so it makes for a really over-the-top beautiful overlay. I will see if I can link you to some, they make a bunch of different kinds.

I see the Inspirational blog in your follow list, I will check it out!


Jennie said...

Absolutely awesome! Bet the girls will love it :)

VexedAngel said...

Here are some!

Anonymous said...

hey i don't do Halloween but that is a groovy pumpkin!

Awesome stuff! Thanks so much for sharing!

Rachel said...

Great job (as usual) Calvin! I've got a pumpkin in my kitchen atm - entact ..................

Stephanie said...

Fab! Fab! Fab!

Have a spook-tacular Halloween

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness this is soooooooo fantastic!!! i love it xx jo xx

Tami Bayer said...

This is fantastic. I never could figure out what to do with my pitch black AI and this is the perfect use for it. Fantastic skull, too. Love the stories you tell about the process, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes! A pumpkin! Hooray--love it!

Tag, you're it -

Sarah C said...

This is just amazing. Dangerous to do, but amazing xx

Kim said...

Oh wow that is an amazing pumpkin. Kimx

Trine Blix said...

I dare you in my blog ;)

Hels said...

Looking great Calv, the pumpkin looks smashing (pardon the pun) with the candle in are so clever, cannot wait to see what you ink up next xx

Calv said...

Thanks everyone, i'm glad you all liked it. Wasn't sure how the tiger stripes would mix with the pumpkin, but it turned out ok.

Hi Trine....a dare eh? Better go take a look! :)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fab work as usual Calv. Love the skull idea :)
Anne x


Oh wow, what a brilliant pumpkin!!! what a clever crafter! Linda x