Thursday, 23 October 2008

Tip for cheap fibres.

As i've travelled around some of the more gorgeous crafty blogs on the net, i've realised i need to start raising my standard as far as crafty makes is concerned. At least spend more time on the finer details.

To do this, you obviously need some nice bits of stash, or at least it helps. However some items don't come cheap. Fibres are something i am lacking in greatly, and i can't stand spending out loads on a few tiny bits that get used up in one go, so today i was well chuffed when i found these balls of knitting yarn in a cheapy shop.

I love these as i am so taken with autumn colours this year.....well for the first time ever actually. That is pretty sad considering i live in the forest where there are some of the most gorgeous colours blooming all around me, but until recently i've just not been that bothered about the colour.

However this is the first autumn where i have really taken notice of colours, probably due to blogging and seeing everyone else's fantastic creations.

Lea got me addicted to orange with the help of her stunning pumpkin and corn maze photos here, and theres been so many autumn cards and layouts that you cannot fail to get hooked on the colours. So these were a great find, i could just picture them embellishing the book rings of an album or accentuating a tag.

Except this cost me 75 pence for a ball......i'm not sure i'd get that many fibres for that price. If i mix all three together, they will be lovely.

So next time you're shopping, take a look in the nearest wool shop for the more unusual yarns, you might be saving a packet on your fibres.


Sarah C said...

Close your eyes cos I'm pinching those. You could at least share with me LOL I got some great fibre wool from a cheapie shop last year. 3 for £1. Good places to check out. Our local one's closed now, so I'm going to pop into the haberdashery when I go into town next to look for autumn colours. The photos on Lea's blog certainly are stunning :)

Calv said...

Lol , they certainly are gorgeous Sarah :)

Lea definately has a good eye for nice pic.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Love those--you're not into knitting, are you Calv? These would be a pretty scarf! =) They'd also be really nice at the end of leaf motif bookmarks.

Claire Mackaness said...

Bit slow there Calv, they've been seling them like that in cheapy shops for a couple of years! I've got loads I dont use, I'll post them to you if you let me have your addy

Calv said...

Hi Lea, i taught myself to knit a while ago, but am still atthe "scarf" stage. It's very therapeutic i find. Should get back into it.

Thanks for the kind offer Claire, thats very kind of you, but i think i'll be ok. I hve tons of cheapy shops nearby and i have tons of yarn in my sewing stash that i really should sort through.

Thanks though. :)

Rachel said...

Still have some knitting to finish off from last year Calvin - Do you remember the huge needles :-)

Calv said...

Remember them Rachel? I can hardly forget those monsters! They are holding part of my fence up at the moment!!! :)
Really should get back into the knitting, i was really enjoying it.

Rosette said...

Lucky you!1 :) Those colours are great... bet you're seeing your surroundings in a new way, I bet!! :)

Calv said...

I certainly am Rosette, this year i have taken much more notice of colours, i defnately have peoples blogs like yours to thank for that for the inspiration. :)

Rosette said...

Thanks :) *blush*