Thursday, 2 October 2008

Not a happy fruit inker!

Hi fruit fans! :)

Thursdays here and what do i hear? Yep, it's that distant chant of "What fruit did you ink today Calv?!"

Well get yourselves a cuppa and let me tell you all about it. :) To be honest, this weeks fruit inking has not gone to plan. I have been so busy, i only got a chance to pick the fruit tonight.....and that was from the selection in my fridge! Everything else in there had already been inked.

I did have other fruits, but the kids ate them after school, i figured i really should let the kids come before art.....this time. :)

Then i come to actualy ink the fruit, and everything that could go wrong with it...did!

So before you all fall asleep listening to me moan......i give you a very sad.....LEMON!!!

Now then, i'll give the fruitinkability rating straight off this week. I'm going for a 2! Yes a sorry 2 for the lemon. I sat for a while just now thinking about whether or not to post this fruit on here, as i didn't want to dissapoint my fruity followers. However i have to remember that this is a fruity journey for me, a learning curve so to speak and along with the ups, must come the downs.

Not every fruit is going to be a pineapple! The colours did not show well on the lemons very yellow skin, if anything they went darker than expected, even if they were not mixed. My saving grace was blending solution and mixative with this fruit inking, when the colours went too dark, the blender lightened it, and the mixative allowed the colours to play with each other a little.

I actualy intented to do stripes on it, but as you can see, that plan went a little out of the window! So unfortunately the lemon gets a huge thumbs down from me. Plus i have to endure possibly the worst case of inked hands for days now!

Lord knows how i'm going to get that lot off! I also managed to drop the lemon in my lap (You're not getting a piccy of that mess!), drop an ink bottle on my carpet (luckily they don't spill) and i have used up most of my inks on this feeble effort!

Apologies have to go out to Jennie from The Artistic Stamper, who very kindly sent me some plastic fruit to ink. I left them up at Maddy's last week, so i'll get them in the next few days.

I'm off to bed now, thanks for tuning in, and i promise next week will be better prepared and inked.

Nite all. :)


MaryNSC said...

I SO sorry BUt at least it a pretty color..:O)

Jennie said...

LOL! Art is always something that is in the eye of the beholder, and I like your lemon! BTW try a bar of vanish to clean your hands... a tip given to me by a crafter
Happy Inking!
Jennie x

Rachel said...

ROFL - you weren't naked inking were you??? I hope not for Maddy's sake


Claire Mackaness said...

I like it Calv, it's very 'deep'!

Calv said...

Thanks Mary, i guess it isn't too bad to look at lol :)

Thanks for the vainish tip Jennie, probably better withthat as the powder burns!

Rachel....Jamie Oliver may be the naked chef, but i am not the naked crafter lol! :)

Cheers Claire :) Next one will be bit brighter. Deep is good, but i like a bit of colour in my life! :)

maddy hill said...

Rachel rofl - After his gold embossing incident in the loo , i dont think i could cope with another altered calvin - I was very nearly presented with an Oskar from the last one (wink) lol

Susie Little said...

Alchol Ink blender alway's works a treat!