Saturday, 11 October 2008

I got an award!

Today i got a lovely and very unexpected surprise. My friend Rachel at Allsorts and Everything has given me a helpful blogger award.

The award is given for being helpful to someone by way of inspiration, or help with crafting. To be honest, i'm gobsmacked that my blog is of help to anyone lol, but if someone feels it is, then i'm happy :)

Thanks Rachel, the first and probably only award i'll get lol! :))

Now then, according to the rules, i have to pass this award on to two or more people who have helped me in some way. I'm not keen on this bit, as there are so many people that have helped and inspired me along the way. The first one though, has to go to.......

Lea Sanders. Lea's was one of the first blogs that i found myself glued to when i started blogging. Lea produces such beautiful pieces of work, it is hard not to be inspired by them. Her photography is gorgeous, her recent pics of corn maze in The Plains just has to be seen. Plus, Lea was a major source of encouragement when i started my fruit inking, suggesting some great subjects for me to try and generally being very helpful all round. Thanks Lea, you're a star!

Next one has to be Jennie from The Artistic Stamper. Jennie seems to have become one of my main suppliers of crafty bits, but as well as a shop owner, she is a wealth of knowledge and only too happy to pass it on. One of the funniest ladies i've had the pleasure of chatting too (even when she had a broken arm recently), Jennie has also been full of support for my fruit inking in many ways. She has to put up with me sometimes phoning several times a day, and always has a smile on her face when many would not. Jennie has mastered the ability to run a long established professional shop, whilst keeping that down to earth personal touch to it. Many thanks Jennie! :)

For the third one, i would like to give the third award to Nikki at Dewdrop Craftz! I get the impression that Nikki works harder than many people realise, yet she always has time and encouragement for people. She has made some gorgeous personal rubber stamps for me and my girls, but has also encouraged me to design some of my own. Advice is always on hand every step of the way when dealing with Nikki so a big thank you heading your way for all you do. :)

Lastly, but most definately not least, is Carol at the AlcoholInky blog. Despite having only recently discovered this blog, i have been glued to it daily due the vast amount of inspiring work on there. Carol is so talented, and has a varied range of projects in such gorgeous colours, you just cannot leave there uninspired. Her work has given me a bit of a spur recently when i thought i'd lost my crafty mojo! Thank you being such a help, even though you probably didn't realise it lol. :)

Thanks everyone, and thanks again to Rachel for giving this to me. :)


c.middleton42 said...

Well done on the award :-) Well deserved I say. I can certainly vouch that your extremly helpful and your work is very inspirational. I have had distress inks stored away cos I could not really get to grips with them, after you starting your blog - I was inspired, again I have unearthed the distress inks and been creating. See CBC thread re: PG tips box show and tell for my most recent go with distress inks.
Your a very talented chap and very inspirational. :-)

Calv said...

Thanks Carole, that box is fantastic, you did a great job with the inks. Glad to have been of help to you. :)

Nikki said...

Well done on the award hun, your things are very inspirational and I for one love reading about what crafty things you get up to...and a HUGE thankyou for sending one my way.. Made my morning and is lovely to be so appreciated..


alcoholinky said...

congrats on the award Calv and thanks so much for passing it on to me. you've said such nice things I don't know where to put myself! LOL

Hazel said...

Well done on the award, Calv - and well done on getting the slideshow up and running - it's great!

Calv said...

Thanks for helping me with it Hazel. :)

Thanks Nikki, thanks Carol. :)

Jennie said...

Congrats on your award, well deserved, and I am a bit red in the face here, as not sure I deserve what you say about me, but it is always a pleasure to chat to you :). I shall put my award on my bloig later, thank you
Jennie x

Lea Sanders said...

Blog awards are fun, aren't they? Congrats on your first one. One of many, I'm sure. Thanks so much for thinking of me and bestowing the award! You're a sweetheart! =)

Sorry it took me a while to get back to your blog to see the post. The BIA gig is taking more time than I thought but the products will be worth it!

Can't wait for the fruit installment this week.