Tuesday, 21 October 2008

It's a fruity obsession!!!

I think i need help!!!

Whilst i can hear many of you saying "Yes we knew that already Calv!", i really mean it.

This morning i went into my local grocers with the sole intention of getting some nuts and a few sprouts....however ten pounds later i came out with this little lot!!!

Theres a pineapple, oranges, coconuts, papaya, limes, passion fruit, pears, and some other little beauties that i found across the road in a flower shop!
Funny thing is, i just know that probably one or two out of that whole lot will end up being eaten, the rest will be artified in some way. :)
The highlight of my morning was discovering these little fellas.....

At the front is a dried orange and a lime, artfully split around the sides. These look and smell amazing and are sold as pot-pouri. I'm going to try making some later.
Behind them are what i first thought were magical tiny pumpkins, but then found out that they are gourds. I'd never seen these before and was fascinated, they look like a pumpkins just given birth! :) They are only about three inches high.....How cool is that?!!!
The gourds are quite hard so would make excellent materials for an art piece, especially with halloween approaching.
So if anyone knows of any therapists that specialize in fruit obsessions, i would be most grateful!


Jamie said...

Gourds are irresistible, aren't they? I have to stop myself from over buying them. They're just so perfect in color and texture....

Katzele (Bea from France) said...

therapy for fruits obsession : think about the worm who maybe lives inside this fruit, this is his home. He doesn't want you eat his home neither you decorate it. Poor little worm ! LOL

Calv said...

They are pretty cool Jamie aren't they :)

Hi Bea....welcome back :)

Now you've said that i...

1. Won't be eating the few i said i would lol...and...

2. Feel proud that i am giving the little fruit bugs a home the likes of which has never been seen in bug world before! Not only am i a fruit inker, but also chief decorator for the insect world! :)

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Hels said...

:O)) Nice gourds Calv....the best thing for them is a good inking I reckon...cos they taste yuk!! that is only my personal thing though...however, I a Pepper a fruit? Cos if it is then perhaps you could get a yellow one and ink it...cos they sure taste as disgusting as anything!!! LOL *note I HATE peppers...even if they are pretty!! As for the worm...I reckon the little critter would welcome a makeover on his home!! :O))

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

That picture of all the fruit is wonderful as it is.
Anne :)

Calv said...

Aww Hels, how can you say that about peppers? They are gorgeous! :)

A yellow one would look good inked though, maybe when i move on to veg when i run out of fruit.

Hi Anne, thanks, they do look lovely in the pic don't they, i almost didn't want to split them up!

Richard Freeman said...

Well Calv, it would certainly make an interesting one to ask on Gardener's Question time I think! You should seriously consider, if you don't already, growing your own squashes as some of them are just the strangest shapes and don't appear in shops all that much.

Keep it up and keep it coloured!

Yours, Richard

Calv said...

Cheers Richard, i will seriously look into that. I started growing my own veg this year, not all that successfully mind, but the thought was there! :)