Friday, 17 October 2008

Oops i did it again!

They do say that behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.....and last night i proved this correct yet again!

I had this great idea to do a basque themed album. The idea was to make an album that you could you could put your more "private" memories in for a partner. The basque could be made as classy or downright tarty as i went to work on it with the enthusiasm of a very enthusiastic thing thats reeeeeeally enthusiastic about something.

This was just a prototype so ignore the papers, i was just playing, and yes you won't have to look very far to see it's unfinished. I'll explain why!

My plan was to have the basque as the front cover and to undo the book to "reveal it's secrets", you had to untie the lace up ribbon. Yes it might look fiddly but thats womens lingerie for you! Think yourself lucky i didn't use a bra hook for a fastener.....i'd have a beard by the time i got it open!

So out came my new pink Bind-It-All which may i say is fantastic. I punched all the way up the basque fastener and the ribbon laced up beautifully. Then i punched both sides of the album for the wire hinges.

I was so excited about my creation in progress, i phoned Maddy and showed her a piccy. She looked at it for a few seconds and said, "It's lovely, ......but once you have opened the basque and opened the front, how do you get to all the pages if they are both wired up at each side?!"

Ah......i see a flaw in my plan. :) I know i said it was to contain personal moments that were private, but i didn't want to make it so inpenetrable that no-one could see it!

I could possibly rescue it if all the pages inside are split down the middle, similar to the front. Otherwise i think we can file this one under yet another mishap in the making!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Calv, make your pages short of the right-side binding. This way, you'll have the wire binding on the right-hand side but it won't impede the turning of the pages.

Very cute! I have never heard of Basque used except for those people by the same name who live in Northern Spain.

Jennie said...

Love the idea, Lea is right just make the pages short of the wires...or split them down the middle :)

Calv said...

Thanks Lea and Jennie, much appreiated. Might be able to rescue it now! :)

I think it's called a basque Lea, or is it more often known as a corset? Have i just done another Calvism? :) I don't wear them much so i tend to get mixed up with whats what. ;)

Dollydimps said...

You're right enough with it being called a Basque Calv....although before I scrolled to the pic I did wonder how you were going to do a Northern Spanish album!
It looks good though, and too good to waste...I was going to suggest what Lea already said, just make the pages short of the bindings and it'll be fine.
Great idea!

ps, would you use this album for "fruity" shots? ;)

Calv said...

Exactly Nicola.....i was going to put piccies of my fruit in there lol ;)

The more fruitier the piccy, the more lace holes so it takes longer to get into, kind of a security feature so you can catch any intruding viewers before they get it open! :)


maddy hill said...

and here's me thinking i was gonna be thrown back to my modelling days !

maddy ( wink)

Sarah said...

Calv, you make me laugh!! LOL It is fantastic. Another idea is you could make the pages intertwine. So bind 1 page on the left and then bind the next page on the right IYSWIM? I can see it in my head lol!

Calv said...

Whats that.....clay modelling Maddy? ;) xxx

Thanks Sarah, but you lost me after the word "intertwine" lol. I'll take a look tonight and try and envisage it. I am the worst at doing that, i normal end up in a right pickle, imagining something totaly different! :)

Sarah said...

I'm just the worst at describing things lol!! Have a look at this and you may see what I mean>

Hazel said...

It's a super idea, Calv - when I first saw it I thought the pages would be split down the middle. I think it's great and you definitely shouldn't abandon it.

Sarah C said...

If you can rescue it, this would be amazing. It's a fantastic idea and I'm glad you're having fun with your pink BIA xxx

Calv said...

Thanks for the link Sarah, i'll take a look in a bit. Don't worry about not being able to describe it, it's me! Ask Maddy, i think the only time she ever gets stressed with me (apart from when i don;t get her coffee quick enough), is when she is trying to describe a design plan to me and idiot-chops here just can't get it!

Thankd Hazel and Sarah C, i'm going to do some more to it tonight. Cheers for poppin in. :)

Christel said...

Great idea! and great blog! Found it through your girlfriend's...
Oh yeah, and Calvin and Hobbes is defeinitely the best cartoon ever!

patty w said...

Lovely !

Not only do you do such wonderful work, you always make me giggle!

Bon said...

I would not bin it just yet if I was you, a year or so back albums opening like this where very popular, I made one for the Mother-in-Laws during her first visit to the UK. You simply trim the inside pages a little narrower then the full album and alternate the pages. a full page opening to the left and then another to the right and so on. It annoyed her a bit (part of the Plan:) )but everyone else loved it.

Calv said...

Thanks Christel and Patty, everyone finds me via Maddy's blog day i might be famous enoughto return the favour to her! :)

Hi Bon, that made me chuckle lol, thanks for the tip, i think thats the way i'm going to go with it.

Thanks for popping in for a look around. :)