Thursday, 2 October 2008

Crafty shopping........again!!!

Hi everyone :)

Last week i was up at my girlfriend Maddy's for a week, and i got a chance to go and visit a lovely teaching and design studio, but also a craft shop called "Art From The Heart". (Thanks to our friend Rachel for taking us). A gorgeous crafty haven tucked away in Harrogate, they run workshops and have a crafters heaven of a shop!

The whole place seems to be decorated with makes from the workshops, which means you are hit with colour as soon as you walk in.....which is always good. This is great for inspiration too.

The studio is owned and run by a lovely lady called Dyan Reaveley who we had the pleasure of meeting. She is the senior educator for Ranger Industries in Europe and among other things, also represents 7 Gypsies on QVC. She also is the creator of Blonde Moments.

What a nice lady! I have had so many experiences in the past where some people get to a certain level or position in their field of expertise, and suddenly lose the ability to give any time to the lowly minions below them. Dyan on the other hand is the complete opposite.

Despite having a place to run and despite having just finished teaching a class that she was trying to clear up after, she made us feel very welcome and spent a good deal of her time talking to us about products and techniques. She demonstrated blending techniques using the pads from the "Adorindack Brights" range, and also helped me with colour choosing/mixing advice.

Dyan's blog "Art & Soul is over here, well worth a look. As a result of our visit, i ended up having a bit of a spend (how unusual).....and bought some of my fave brights pads to play with....

I also had a good rummage through their used stamp basket where i got some great stamps at a bargain price. I love this one below as i've had a life of experience in the health and fitness field, and i love the old Leonardo Da Vinci anatomy drawings.....

I also bought this one, for the quote as well as the image. It says, " Neglect not the gift that is within thee".

I got a few others too and lots of other bits of stash, they have a rather good selection there, especially if you are after alterable items.

Maddy got me a great prezzy at the Harrogate papercraft show the other day, but they had these at Dyan's shop too......

As soon as i saw these, i knew they'd be perfect for an over sized fairy door project i have in mind. Either that or as decoration for an album about my doors. Thanks Maddy!!! :)))

So a great day out, informative too. Thanks Dyan, lovely to meet you. :) If ever you are near Harrogate, take a look in Art From The Heart, it's well worth a visit.

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