Monday, 20 October 2008

My fave colour...purple!

Over at Ink On My Fingers, Hel's has set a challenge to make something with the colour purple. Click here to see the challenge.

I had to jump on this one as i love purple, any shade, i just love the colour. It has a mystical feel to it and i like that.

So as usual, i sat for what felt like hours at my crafty space, made a huge mess, spilt a few things, threw a few things.....and at the end of it emerged this tag.

Very, very basic, but i love the purple, i love the flourish stamp, and after the housework that my kids have left me with, i wanted to make a dreamy piece where instead of looking out of the window at a nice scene......i could look inside my house and see a gorgeous sight instead of the mess that i am sat in at present!!!
Much use of sticky fixers here, the tag is raised up from the rear one for depth, and the window frame is raised with sticky fixers for further depth, so it really does look like you are looking through a window.
The lovely backing paper is courtesy of the Crafty Individuals stack, and the picture frame wood is courtesy of Starbucks! Their coffee stirrers are great for crafty projects! (Ask them first though, you'd look pretty weird getting caught stealing wooden stirrers!)
The tassel is possibly a bit much, but i like it so there! :) You may notice the window frame is slightly wonky compared to the bottom of the cut out window. This is due to me accidentally standing on the tag whilst trying to photograph it...don't ask.
Ok i'll light tent is on my craft room floor, i tried to pull a light that i use for the top lighting off of my desk, and i pulled a whole load of crafty tools on top of me. Gluesticks, craft knives, scissors....they got caught in the light flex. Then when i stood up after taking the pic, i stood on a brad, hopped to get off of it....almost stood on a scalpel, then a glue stick.....just missed cracking my head off the worktop.....and finally stood on my tag!!!
Thanks for the challenge Hel's, you couldn't of picked a better colour. :)


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Now, I'd really, really, really like to ask...BUT...I won't!! ^.^

It's a fabulous tag...gorgeous colour...brilliant window frame......and scrummy coffee!!! Starbucks that is, not on your tag!! :)

Calv said...

Lol thank you lydia :)

I might as well go and edit it to say how i stood on my tag....i'm sure you won't be the only one to ask lol.

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Ooooops!!! You nearly needed that First Aid kit from your header!!! lol

Jennie said...

cool tag , a bit of a mission to photograph, methinks.. but then it wouldn't be yours if it wasn'

Hels said...

Oh WOW Calv, this is ammmmmaaaaaaazin, loving your style hun ... thanks for joining in x

Rachel said...

Nice one Calvin!!

Thanks for pointing this out - may have to try to join in :-)

alcoholinky said...

it's beautiful Calv. love the way you've created the depth. we love those stirrers in our house too - they're very good for model aircraft LOL

Claire Mackaness said...

thats a stunner Calv

Rosette said...

You're sooo funny, but so talented!! Love that tag too much! I might steal it.. as purple is my favourite colour, and flourishes get me any time!! :)

Peet said...

such a fabulous tag!!!!!!

Calv said...

Thanks ever so much for the kind comments everyone, i wasn't too sure if i'd done enough on it.

Cazzy said...

Shame you weren't filming that for You've been framed!

Love the tag Calv.

Calv said...

Certainly was a shame Cazzy, could have had £250 for stash lol.

Sarah said...

It is beautiful Calv, an amazing piece of art!