Thursday, 9 October 2008

Fruit i inked today!!!!

Good afternoon fruit fans......or whatever time it is in your country on this fine and fruity Thursday!!!! :)

Over the past few weeks, i have been so pleased to see people every corner of the planet looking at my fruit here! Among these have been people from Kenya, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Hawaii.....and of course many from the US and the UK here......what a pleasure to see so many people. This of course has introduced me to so many inspirational people and thier blogs.

Whilst many may call my fruit inking bizzare, i call it a "bringer together of nations"! (Ok that may be a bit meladramatic but you get my drift right?)

So on with the fruit......i have so thoroughly enjoyed this weeks fruit inking, mainly because it was not a rush job, it turned out better than expected considering the colour background i had to work on, and i didn't get in a mess making it!! :)

Good people of blogland......i give you.....THE GRAPEFRUIT!!!

The reason i love the finish on this grapefruit, is because i adore photographs of space and the many beautiful things that go on up there in the night sky. This fruit reminds me of some of the gorgeous colours you see on pics taken by astronomy photographers.

Fruitinkability rating for this one? I'm going to go with a 6 due to the fact that i love the finished result, it was easy to ink on, plus i learnt a few things about fruit ink application along the way. So this was a lesson for me as well as producing something for you.

I had my first attempt at stamping on fruit, something i will definately be putting to god use in the future....this is the same grapefruit before i started on the ink blending....

As i said before, another reason i loved this was because i did'nt get so messy. Whilst messy is good in art, it's not always great when you spend half your waking hours covered in alcohol ink! I get some very strange looks at time.....and thats not just because of my looks! :)

So meet my new best friends........latex gloves!!!

Lastly, i have many comments and emails asking what i do with the fruit once it's inked. I'm sure some people do not believe them when i say i stick it in my heres the proof!

That pic's almost a work of art in itself don't you think? Theres todays grapefruit sat at the front, waiting too be frozen.

You may notice that my first fruit ink, the banana is missing. That had to be thrown after i accidentaly left it in my craft room for a week under some craft stash. Not good.

Also, the chinese apple and the prickly pear that gave me an allergic reation is missing. They are in my Maddy's freezer.......I'm not totaly stupid! :)))

Thanks for tuning in once again, keep smiling and take care all, look forward to seeing you again next week for another episode of, "FRUIT I INKED TODAY!" :)


patty w said...


My first thought was it reminded of some beautiful planet you would see in the sky! Stunning colors!

Calv said...

Thank you Patty :)

Stephanie said...

Fab!! Great colors. Stephanie

Jennie said...

mmmm grapefruit, latex gloves...what can I say except, fabulous LOL! xxx

Calv said...

Thanks Steph :)

And Jennie, whats the "mmmmm" for? The fruit or the latex gloves lol ;)

Kathie said...

Looks fantastic definately like a planet. Hmmm Calv you have worn latex before haven't you?? Can just see it now you having an allergic reaction to latex lol!

maddy hill said...

you make me laugh - bringing the world together lol i can see it now -
Calvin the bob geldof of the inking world - you could put your fruit up for auction and call it "Ink Aid " hehee - your so flippen bonkers !

Jaqi said...

What amazing creations, You have transformed this fruit, Well Done, these pieces will make fabulous pictures. They are really good, you have a talent, you should contact a company trying to market fruit and do some art work for them, you have a winner here, Jaqi

Daniel Askeland said...

I don't know how to put this, but WOW!!

Inking fruit... Hehe, was a bit sceptical in the beginning.. But your fruit turned out great!

Love your work, and how you use so many colours... Not such a colour-person my self..


Greetings from Norway

Nikki said...

Again, another amazing piece of inking...

Must admit though, I know it's not fruit, but wondered if you could ink a Pudsy for children in need ??

Calv said...

Lol don't tempt fate Kathie, had enough of allergic reactions for a while :)

Thanks Jaqi, do you think a company would be that desperate then? :) Thanks for the kind comments, it's nice to know my fruit is appreciated.

Cheers Daniel from Norway! :) Always great to see a male crafter in the house!

Thanks Nikki, Pudsey sounds a good idea, he'd be in a right mess though lol. :)

Calv said... were given the right name at birth lol.....mad as a fish! :)

Shary said...


I was introduced to your blog by Maddy after I commented on her post about the fairy box. What a small world! She told me that you used to be an RMP in sennelager. My husband is working in Sennelager now, I'm obviously an army wife.
Great to see your inked fruit!! I had to chuckle at it. It's a fab idea!!

Calv said...

Hi Shary :)

Thanks for stopping by, it certainly is a small world indeed! Maddy told me about the story of your little girl and the fairies lol, that is so like my two when they were younger. Thats how it all started for me and is lovely to hear about other little believers. :)

I really enjoyed my time in Sennelager, when i wasn't on duty lol. (I was one of the nice ones btw lol). A beautiful country as long as you can get outside "The Strip" Sennelager.

Take care Shary and thanks again.

Lea Sanders said...

Calv, just looked at the frozen fruit section in your freezer again today. Looks like a fruit morgue. Shall they be resurrected sometime in the future? If you plant the seeds, will the offspring be multi-colored? (Okay, just kidding about that last bit.)

Calv said...

Thanks Lea, that made me laugh about the "fruit morgue"! :)