Monday, 27 October 2008

Warning!....Ink bottles squirt!!!

On Friday i received some new inks fron Jennie at The Artistic Stamper, and was very excited to test out my new "pink" Zig alcohol ink. I wanted something nice and bright to enhance my fruit inking.

So i opened the bottle, pierced the top with a needle and when i took it out i was met with a fountain of pink! pink thumb!!!

Believe it or not, this was AFTER washing it! However it did ensure i fitted right in with the evenings activity, i took my girls to see High School Musical 3 and the pink was most definately at home with the rest of the outfits worn!

Three days on, my skin is back to normal, however my nail is still a lighter shade of bright pink. I do seem to be getting some funny looks when i pay for things in shops, personally i just think they are jealous! :)

So watch those alcohol ink bottles people.......meanwhile, i'm applying for an adult to supervise me during crafting! :)


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Lol...You might have just started a new trend of 'inking nails' !! :0)

**Now...where did I put my Wild Plum and Pearl?? ^.^

Calv said...

Glad you like it Lydia....i'm guessing you'll be a little neater than my effort though! :)

I've just varnished my girls nails, and i wasn't too bad, kept in the lines and everything! Just have to do that on my own now. :)

maddy hill said...

i worry about you ..... i really do lol

dip it into some glue and then into a pot of glitter calvin !

Hazel said...

You certainly looked the part at the cinema then, Calv!

patty w said...

Well now fella, that pink looks pretty good on ya ! LOL

Add more embellies to it! I like Maddy's idea quite well :))

Calv said...

Lol thanks Maddy, i'll certainly think about the glitter. My hairdresser asked me if i'd been playing with glitter as i had loads of it through my hair lol :)

I certainly did look the part Hazel, except i looked about 30 years too old to be in there!

Thanks Patty :) So you think it should be a regular thing then lol?

GW said...

Well, like my husband says of his pink shirts, "it takes a real man to be secure enough in his masculinity to wear pink." ;)

artycrafty said...

lol you have a great way with words! So which I was as entertaining at you at writing.

Calv said...

Thanks GW, i've heard that saying a lot lately lol, especially when moaning about the colour of my new pink BIA lol. :)

Hi Debbie, nice to see you here...i've seen all your videos and you can be just as entertaining to watch. I love the one on your blog of you getting excited with all your goodies. :)

Nice to see you both here, thanks for stopping by. :)

Michelle said...

ot as bad my mistake at 4th of july! I tie died a red white and blue shirt for Dyllan no problem. Then on to my shirt which was just blue and white. I was having trouble getting the rubber band off and with out really thinking, just tore off my my gloves. I had oompla loompa blue hands for a week! I was quite the conversation starter at a party on the 4th!

{jennie} said...

I think the red finger is exactly why I stay away from messy crafting! I do get crazy with my ink pad, but stay away from the bottles!
Jennie #414

Richard Freeman said...

Come on Calv, admit it, you didn't spill any ink, just whacked your thumb with a hammer making that lovely fairy chest and are just trying to cover it up! Erm, not that I would have done anything like that you understand...hope its all back to normal now. Richard

SP said...

hee hee! I am not the only one, then! Had a green finger for a few days (and the comments to match!) I now have a bottle of the blending solution which is pretty good at removing it. Or the stazon cleaner ;-)