Sunday, 26 October 2008

Distress inking a cork notice board.

I need a notice board for my craft room, so i got one of those cheapy ones from Staples.

It was "lacking in colour" shall we say, so i stamped around the edging strip with a flourish stamp and archival black ink. Next i got out my foam blending pads and distress inks, and just had a play.

It didn't turn out quite as expected, i should maybe have left it at just doing the edge. The chequered stamp was really just to see if it stamped ok on cork, which it did quite well.

This was just a tester board, so that you...and i get an idea of what is possible. I just couldn't bear seeing a boring plain cork board in a room that is supposed to be full of colour!


patty w said...

Great idea ! Both of my kids have a small corkboard (that still needs hung!)

Do you think the ink would come off on any thing that's hung on the board? It should be ok, shouldn't it..after the ink dries?

Thanks for the idea Calv!

patty 2832

Sarah C said...

What a fantastic idea. Love the pink you've added to it. Just your colour LOL

Congrats on your sponsor. well deserved xxx

Calv said...

Thanks patty :), good point about the ink coming off onto whatever is pinned to it. I will let it totaly dry for a day and then do a few tests on it to make sure it's ok.

Hi Sarah and thanks lol, i still have a pink thumb from 3 nights ago when i tried to open a new bottle of bright pink alcohol ink, and it went everywhere!

H said...

Another great idea :)