Sunday, 2 November 2008

My Sugar Nellie is being held hostage!!!

Last week i bought myself one of the lovely "Pen Pal" Sugar Nellie stamps. Unfortunately, i forgot to change the delivery address from when i sent Maddy a crafty parcel ages the stamp went to her house instead of mine!

Ok i did say she could use it when it arrived, as any sharing, caring, loving crafty partner would, however Maddy has got herself into a crafty frenzy and is now holding my Sugar Nellie against her will!

Not only has she done this, she has had the nerve to blog a card featuring MY stamp, and rub my nose in it by posting about this serious issue on her blog! See here for details on the horrendous crime. Here is the offending card, nice as it may be, that Sugar Nellie is not happy there! Anyone can see that!

So please keep your eyes out for me, if you should see this stamp being used at a crop, or even......perish the thought.....being used with cheap ink...... please let me has a good home here with me!!!

Suitable punishment suggestions for such a horrific crime are very welcome, i'll add them to the list i have devised already!

Thank you.


maddy hill said...

shes mine , you know it - i know it !
get ya tildas at the ready boy , cos ive been training my bellas up just for this moment ! they are hard very hard ! all your tildas do is sit on fences all day !

SP said...

oh dear, those bellas have high heels, hair pins and hot drinks - cna do a lot of damage .....!

Juliet said...

Sorry Calv but Nellie looks perfectly happy to me just where she is!
Love the pumpkin!!!
Juliet xx

Calv said...

Hows that support ladies?!!!!!

Deeply dissapointed!! :(

Jennie said...

let the lady keep her, you know you want to.....I mean you cannot wage war against high heels and'll only ending up getting hurt..hehe xxx

Claire Mackaness said...

I'd support you Calv, but if we're honest here, us girls stick together and she's a bit too girly for you really. Enjoy the stamp maddy and fab card by the way!!

Ruth - Crafty Wanderings said...

She looks perfectly happy at home with Maddy! leave her where she is I say!!! LOL!!

patty w said...

Well, it is a mighty fine card, don'thca know!

Girl power :) Sorry Calv, but you really should be more careful as to where you send your treasures too ! (though I'd not be happpy about it either)

Maybe if you're a good boy, Maddy will share with you ...but then again, maybe not, lest you steal it back! LOL

Thanks for the giggles!

maddy hill said...

awwwww look like your losing Calvin ! heheee your not aving her back - not on your nellie mr ! hehee
had to fit that in somewhere didnt i ?
keep voting bloggers - he does have a small chance - if he gets the votes lol

Nikki said...

I feel maybe a swap would be advantageous... lol - something in return... failing that.. change the addy back and buy a new one..

Julie said...

Ok I think I have the answer!!

How about joint custody? It's nice to share............ or...........

Now this is the one I'd go with if I was you.........

How about I send you an identical but brand new never been stamped by Maddy stamp in exchange for.........

Your pink bind it all....... I think thats fair lol ;)

Hels said...

Soz Calv but I am with Maddy on this one :O)) LOL

Sarah C said...

No way am I suggesting punishments for the lovely Maddy :D You have your fruit, she has your stamp. That sounds good to me :)

One tip: always check the deliver address before clicking on confirm to make sure it always says Maddy's (or my) address LOL :D

SP said...

Punishment list? Do tell! Confiscating jaffa cakes? Restricting crafting to one hour a week? Tickle into submission? ;-)

Calv said...

I can't believe how much support this lowly stamp stealer has got!!! I am truely shocked and possibly close to tears....i'm pretty sure that my girl stamp is too.....she needs her dad!!

Good suggestions though Susan on the punishments. Jaffa cake withdrawal is a possibility, not sure about the limiting of crafting time as that could be dangerous...i've seen Maddy with a pokey tool! :(

As for the tickling, not too sure of that one....that usualy leads elsewhere and thats most DEFINATELY a no-go area until i get my stamp back in one piece!!!

I'll teach ya!!! :)

Sarah said...

Sorry Calv, that little girl needs a mummy and Maddy fits the bill!! You should of checked the delivery address ;o)

Paula's ponderings said...

Now admit it Calv, you sent it to Maddy on purpose as a special pressie and only want it back now youve seen what a fabulous card she has made with it. You really dont want an army of Bellas on the warpath do you?? Or do you???hmmmmm

Lovely card Maddy BTW!! Keep up the good work, theres plenty more cards in that stamp yet..

Just a little bit Crafty said...

This is totally insane !!!!! (best giggle I've had in a while.
Have either of you thought of asking Nellie whom she would like to live with?

maddy hill said...

she says she feels bought ! lol the poor lass ! at least i didnt have to BUY her affections calvin ! hehee !
she loves me for how i colour her in and carefully, lovingly snip around her edges ! Do you have such sissors for detailed edging ???

Calv said...

I'm not going through a custody battle for something that is rightly mine!!!

Personaly i think Maddy is actual a little scared that if she returns her, i might produce something outstanding which would put paid to where it best belongs! ;)

What Maddy doesn't realise is that i got wind last night that the Sugar Nellie is planning an escape. She's obviously not being looked after there, and would much rather be at home in my craft room. What kind of crafter would do that to a stamp?!!!

Chris said...

errrrm sorry to disappoint you lol... but I ruled Nellie stay with Maddy so's they can have girly parties...sorry ;-0
Lovin' your blog though Calv and seem to remember you from way back when I used to frequent Carolyn's forum... was always in awe of your fairy doors!!
Chris xx

SP said...

Calv, on the punishment one hour of crafting......I neglected to mention where ;-) at the craft club, ulimited at home !!!

I heard a whisper that some of the Bella's are entering a dangerous phase.......known as: afraid. Very afraid.
x susan

Trine Blix said...

OK, I'll try to be as impartial as possible - but, how can (stamp-)girl have a wonderful life without a man's touch?

Perhaps she'll come back to you one day, Maddy, if Calv got the chance to treat her right? (At least the way he conciders right..)'ll just have to see if she'd return crawling or crying!

If she comes back crawling - THEN you truly have won the battle of affection! *LOL*

Calv said...

Swap my BIA for the stamp Julie!!!

Not in this lifetime!

Thanks for the kind words about my fairy doors Chris, they do have a certain charm to them. :)

Lol Susan, if that happens, i'm emmigrating for a few days!

Hey Trine....i like your way of least it kind of gives me a fighting chance! :)

So you heard it from Trine Maddy, she says my craft room is best and yours is rubbish, so the stamp needs to be with me!!! :)

Thanks Trine! :)

Sarah C said...

Hi Calvin, you and Maddy make me cry with laughter. Sunday night on 3C's was just ... well ... F-U-N-N-Y. I'm sorry, I should be more sympathetic, but it's hard to be where stash is concerned.

I feel really bad for not siding with you especially as you leave such nice comments on my blog.

Heidi said...

You have a wonderful blog - I will be back

Hugs from

Anonymous said...

Oh dear oh dear what are you two like!!I think i should bang your heads together and adopt nellie she would be happier with me !
Oh and i have my new pro markers to colour her in with lol xx jo xx

Anonymous said...

Oh its so sad when a family is split up like this.... Calv and Maddy can you not come up with some kind of arrangement?

2 weeks there 2 weeks there?

Thanks for the giggles!

michelle said...

I suggest that you get your little ones to tell Maddy how much they miss Sugar Nellie not living at their house.

Calv said...

Yes but's MY stash!!! Be sympathetic towards ME!!!! :)

Hi Heidi, welcome to my blog. :) Glad you like it, and i look forward to seeing you pop in again. :) Thanks.

As for the recommendations of adoption and "2 weeks here, 2 wweks there"! That is just too funny!!! :) Ain't gonna happen!!!!

Hi Michelle, you just reminded me, i'm sure i heard my youngest the other night, crying in her sleep...something about, "I'm missing my girl stamp...sob sob...she was my best friend..sob sob...who could have done a thing like this?...sob sob".

It was heartbreaking to hear this Michelle i must say, but i just had to give her a big cuddle, and reasure her that the stamp would be back in my house within the week. Heaven knows how distressed she'll be if that doesn't happen? :(

You have to think of the little ones in these situations don't you.....MADDY!!!!!????? :)

Paula's ponderings said...

TYpical male, playing on the tenderness and generosity of a you sure it was your daughter crying and not an echo of your own tears???? lol

This thread is keeping me (in)sane at work!!

Kim said...

Definitely seems that the tide is against you in this custody case. I always feel bad for the under-dog so will support you in this battle. Give that stamp back! If all else fails have you thought about some sort of trade?

Calv said...

Oooooh harsh words from Miss Paula there!!! My tears indeed.....i heard them, they were little delicate sniffles of little one who has lost her best friend....i just don't know what she's going to do? :(

Kim, thank you so much for the support, it is duely noted.....i will forget about the mention of trade though, it's MY FLIPPIN SUGARNELLIE!!!!!!! Ok Calv, calm's only a stamp.

Only a stamp that i've had my heart set on for weeks after seeing it on one of the Inspirational features. I thought that one day i could achieve such a standard myself, but alas, i have had my dream crushed......CRUSHED I TELL YA!!! by a stamp thief from Leeds!!!

They should seriously consider a crafters police force, i'm sure incidents like this are more common than people realise.


Calv said...

Oh yes folks.....i heard that once she took a kids sweety from the poor child to use as an embellishment!

Ask we really know this woman? So much support for her too! 53 followers....thats not only concerning that 53 people are on the side of a stamp stealer, but 53!!!! Thats a cult!!!

The pied piper of fimo.....thats what she is! You know what the pied piper did with all his followers don't ya?

Food for thought for thought!!!

Free the Sugar Nellie!!!!

Paula's ponderings said...

You are absolutely cracking me I have a solution for your sorrowful her a cutsie will be her hero forever and she will soon forget about the stamp. As for pinching a sweetie from a child...thats one less tooth cavity they have to worry about so in fact Maddy was doing them a huge favour! GIRL POWER!

Calv said...

Pied piper Paula....thats all i'm going to say on the matter. I'm only looking out for you guys here yanno!