Thursday, 2 October 2008

I have fairies in my house!

Look who has taken up residence in my house!

Maddy is making these for a fair that her craft club has coming up, but she made these first two for my girls who were over the moon with them when they came home from school today. I know she's my girlfriend so i kind of have to say nice things about her lol, but Maddy never ceases to amaze me with what she can make out of anything! I swear that girl should have been the 5th member of the A-Team!
I can just picture it.......Hannibal, Face, B.A Barracas and Murdock.......and Maddy are holed up in a barn, with only a bit of straw, a ribbon and a bucket lying about. Two miutes later when the military police turn up to arrest them all, they all smash down the barn in a tank thats not only armed to the teeth, but is tarted up with a cracking paint job and room for stamp storage too! !!!!
I've been left a load of pegs and material.....and apparently i'm making these for the fair too!!! :)
If i manage to make one that looks remotely like these, i'll be very pleased and i'll share the pics with you.
Thanks Maddy xxx. :)


Jenny said...

ah, these are great - my little girl would love one!!

you've probably been asked this before, but what do you do with your inked fruit? Does it just go mouldy eventually???!!!

maddy hill said...

i can answer that one ! some is in my freezer lol and i have a teenage daughter complaining that the inked fruit is taking up valuable ben and jerrys space !(ice cream)

Calv said...

Thanks for stopping by Jenny :)

As for the fruit, at the moment it's all in my freezer, but it's getting a little full.

I'll have to bin it eventualy, but it's like letting one of my babies go lol!

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello~Oh what sweet little fairies!!! Some can fly to my little cottage!!!!

I'm sure your girls were charmed!

Enjoy your weekend!

Fabrizio said...

Hi Calv, I've just been told about your blog from another male crafter. So pleased to see more male crafters enjoying crafting and setting up blogs. I've added your blog to my male crafters blogroll, I hope you don't mind. Enjoy crafting, you create beautiful objets d'art ! Love the fairies by the way, take care. Fabrizio

Calv said...

Thanks lola, they certainly were excited to receive them. :)

Hi Fabrizio, thanks for saying hi, always nice to see another male crafter in here. :)

I've also added your blog to my male crafters list....thank you for that. You have a great and very active site, one day i might have enough energy to do the same lol.

Mardi said...

Love those fairies, can't wait to see yours Calv. I was just visiting Maddy's log and wanted to come bye and say hi.

Calv said...

Hi Mardi, thanks for popping in. Always nice to see a fellow Fiskateer! :)

Ron said...


I'm another male crafter who happened upon your blog when someone in a Yahoo Group I belong to posted a link to your fruit inkings. so I thought I'd post a quick comment and say Hi. Love your work - glad to see that there are more of us male crafters out there.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Ah, I need to tell you about my "Calv moment" today. I was searching for pumpkins today, you know lifting them up, putting them down, examining. It didn't occur to me that the little prickly spikes on the stems affected me until my hand got itchy and turned red. Hello? Allergic reaction. I thought of your prickly pear incident!

Dylan said...

Hi Calv, thanks for the lovely comments, they were much appreciated. I think your blog is fab really inspiring. It was a pleasure to talk to someone as enthusiastic as you. Keep smiling XX

Calv said...

Hi Ron, thanks for taking a look at my blog, always nice to meet other male crafters. :)

As for you thats just clumsy!!! :) Hope you are feeling better, and i stil have'nt found that star fruit!!!

Thanks for the nice comment Dylan :), likewise, it was great having an enthusiastic educator to chat to! :)