Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Made a card...and almost an emergency call!

It's not often that i make a card, but when i do i really enjoy it. That's after the hours of stressing that it has not gone right lol

So last night Maddy sent me to my craft room to make something, long as it put a stop to my moaning that i couldn't think what to make next lol. :)

Here's the finished card......

As usual i thought i was on the road to nowhere fast with this one, but after a couple of mishaps/learning curves, it came together. Against all advice i tried my hand at creating a soot effect on the circle aperture on the card, however it didn't go to plan and i set fire to it! Not to worry, it turned out quite good so i set fire to a few more bits around the circle and it looks ok.

I crackle glazed the tags, really enjoyed using the flourish stamps, and thought the Pool blue from the Ranger Adirondack Brights range was a nice contrast to the browns and oranges of the card.

As for the flowers, i stamped across the larger silk flowers, then added a few Primas. I tried my shimmering H20's on a couple of stamped ivy leaves, and the realistic looking green ivy leaves with the yellow border?.......I pulled them of an ivy going up my fence lol! :)

All in all i really enjoyed this card, as it is part of my learning curve to give my work more depth, something i need to work on.

Thanks for looking. :)

PS: It's been a while since i did a safety tip, so heres a good one. Maddy just explained to me that alcohol inks are flammable.......ah so that explains why my card went up so quick when i held a lighter to it! It did have rather a good coating of inks on it.


maddy hill said...

Fabulous calvin and worth telling you to get back in there and stop ya whinging !

By the way..... alcohol inks are HIGHLY flammable !!!!!!!-

calvin , alcohol ink , lit candle ..
hmmmmmmm not a mixture i would want in my craft room - gulp lol
lol im surprise you didnt end up looking like a chimney sweep !


maddy hill said...

ive just realised what's on your card , ..... hunny when i said use the ivy on your fence outside as inspiration i didnt actually mean you should pull it off and STICK it to your card !rofl ..

thats funny xxxxx

Lea Sanders said...

Hey, Calv, if you lacquer the leaves and reattach, they shouldn't dry out. =)

Great card, really vivid colors.

maddy hill said...

calvin , i think lea may mean to varnish it - please dont spray it with hair

Shary said...

Rofl poor you! It turned into a great card though and the ivy was a stroke of genius.

Rachel said...

Love it Calv :-) Thanks for the giggle!!

Hazel said...

What are you like?!?! It's a fab card.

Louly said...

ROFL, well it was certainly woth the effort in the end, and your attempts at adding depth have really paid off. I love it.

alcoholinky said...

I think this is gorgeous. the colours work really well together and I love the depth to it.

Jennie said...

cool card, love the smoked effect!!