Monday, 28 November 2011

Lorna's Kindle Kovers

They say in life, there are no such thing as strangers, only friends you haven't met yet...and this i'm glad to say has come true recently. I went to an acoustic night at a local Art Cafe, three artists playing thier music in a cozy and amazing setting. One of the artists was a singer/songwriter called Jim Chorley, a lovely guy with great music to share.

Then i discover that his partner Lorna is super arty crafty (in fact they both teach art at a school), and has a blog crammed with gorgeous makes. Her textile creations are just lovely and i couldn't help thinking of a few friends when i saw these great Kindle Kovers...

How cool are they?!!!

You can see more of these on Lorna's blog, and she also has an Etsy shop here where you can get them.

Jim and Lorna are the loveliest of people, so take a trip over thier blogs and have a browse. It's not often that you get people that have thier priorities in the right order, but when your life revolves around art, music and just know things will be good for a long time! :)

So a big thank you to Jim and Lorna, it's people like yourselves that make the world a brighter place. :)

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Long time no see!

Hello dear friends! No i haven't been abducted by aliens, and no you're not seeing things with my banjo fund pot there lol, all will be explained in good time.
So how have you all been? Behaving and still turning out fantastic crafty makes i hope? Well i've had a bit of a lull in the crafty activities latley, mainly because i have lost my beloved craft area! As some of you may know, one end of my daughers double bedroom was the craft area, but other things have taken over and it's been replaced. Sigh.
So what have we been up to? Well to say things have turned slightly musical in our lives is a bit of an understatement. I'm starting back with my guitar learning and am getting on pretty well. As a secret bluegrass music lover, i'm also looking to get myself something i've always wanted....a 5 string banjo!!! That is what my fund pot is for at the top. So far it's not going too well, but i'll get there....this is what i'll be getting....

Before anyone says it, yes i will be sat in my rocking chair wearing dungarees and scaring the tourists with a rendition of duelling banjos! :)

As well as that, i bought myself a Ukuelele...but it's not just me that got one....

Yes our Maddy is a dab hand at one now too! Maddy's always been musical though so she's got a head start on me, she can hold a tune on a violin and is learning the guitar with great results.

At least my efforts are appreciated by Maddy's daughters dog, little Mojo...

So are we good i hear you say? Well i'd like to say that the pic below is our new album cover...

However it was just a pic from a day in the rehearsal studio we had up in Leeds. Lots of fun, and it really perked up my girls interest in music.....which means that the new gear like mic stands and amps for the bedroom has taken the place of the craft table!

Maddy has been busy with her daughter Georgette too, she is doing really well with her music, she's performing at a lot of live gigs, on radio and is through to the Open Mic Uk area regional finals, if she gets through she could be performing at the O2 arena. So it's been all go here and very tunefull whilst it happens too. :)

I hope to get back to crafting again soon as i can find a place to do it! I hope you are all well, i'll take a trip round everyones blogs over the next few days and catch up.

Take care all,