Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Wheres my crafty mojo gone?

For some reason i have really lost my crafty mojo.

For the past few days i have been really looking forward to having a play in my craft room, but no matter how hard i try, i keep hitting a crafty brick wall! I've looked at some of the most inspiring blogs for help, but when i sit down at my workspace, it just doesn't happen.

I guess we all get these days now and again, it's just not fun trying to get through them. So anyway, i had a bit of a play today and as well as making a huge mess of my crafty space, i put together a door hanger from a die cut that Maddy gave me.

More of a decor piece rather than to hang on the door. It didn't quite turn out how i intended, but it will do.

I really like the "ART" stamp that i got from Jennie at The Artistic Stamper, and i took apart a bracelet that i bought yesterday to use on this lace ribbon with some pearl brads.

Today i found a gorgeous blog owned by a lady called Carol, the blog is Alcoholinky and features absoloutely gorgeous crafty makes. It was there i got the idea of using gold embossing powder to finish the edges of this door hanger.

For something that looks so easy to make, you'd imagine my crafty space would be in the same state as when i cleaned it last night wouldn't you?



Stephanie said...

I find taking a class, or pulling out a project from a class helps. Or check out YouTube or ITunes for crafy videos. LOVE your fruit.

Calv said...

Good idea Stephanie, i forget about all the great stuff on YouTube...thanks.

Cheers for taking a look at my blog. :)

Claire Mackaness said...

How can you say your mojos gone, thats lovely and I love what you've done with the embossing powder. I know the feeling though, I get very frustrated when I have a few hours to myself and then everything that comes out is c**p!

Calv said...

Cheers Claire :)

Well i've just had a chat with Maddy and she's given me a few pointers on giving it a bit of depth, so later i'm going to have a play with it and see if i can improve on it a little.

They do say that behind every good man is a woman lol. :)

maddy hill said...

calvin it IS gorgeous , but if your not happy with it , your striving to reach another level , which is good thing !!! !

by the way .... you forgot the "good" word before the "woman" word heheeee !

Susie Little said...

Gorgeoug work! Your Fruit is great too, brings a smile to the world!!x

Helena said...

It must be the time of year, the shortening days or something, cos I've been exactly the same, and know several others all saying the same on their blogs!!!

I tried to tidy up my stash a wee bit and that way came across a few bits that I'd forgotten about, which in turn got me eager to try to use them.

Mind you when I made my cards for a couple of challenges this week, I just wasn't into it and didn't like the results...

Hey ho!

FOund you via a project of yours on Carolyns' crafty place :)