Thursday, 16 October 2008

Fruit i inked today!!!!

Well tried to!

Welcome fruit fans, tis another fine Thursday and time once again for "Fruit in inked today"!

This week started off with excitement at the prospect of inking this fruit, however turned into something very different. The fruit i chose this week is one of my faves to eat, but will go down in inking history as one of the worst to inkSo without further ado....i give you......the STRAWBERRY!!!

This was an absoloute nightmare to ink! No other word for NIGHTMARE! In fact, i'm going to throw this a fruitinkability rating of 1 whilst i have the generosity in me.
I had this great plan to ink each seperate segment and produce something magnificent, however it was not to be. The texture of the fruit just made the ink race off in all directions at will. This quickly produced a mess that was hard to rescue. Silver mixitive was definately the
nicer colour to use on this, it ended up being a base for other colours to play on top of.
The ink pooled in every segment and quickly turned the fruit squidgy, not a good thing.
Unimpressed with my efforts, i resigned myself to just have a play with some strawberries and ink.....
I tried tiger stripes......but it had all the effect of.....well....something not very tigery!....
More mixative and wild in a real mess with this one....
I even tried people.......this little fella was not even scared next to my tiger......
So what can i say to sum up the strawberry? Most certainly a fruit to keep for cream and sugar, ink just has no part in this fruits life!
I have to say, i am seriously getting to the point where i may have to move on to inking veg. A sad day that will be i know, but whilst there is many fruits still left to ink, not all are suitable and some are just impossible to get around here. I still have one up my sleeve that i want to try next week, and if i am successfull, it will be lovely.
Thanks for tuning in again everyone, i do appreciate it, especialy when you return every week knowing that i've probably just got in a mess again! :) Before you ask.....yes i forgot to wear gloves again so i have pink hands now for the rest of the week!
Till next week.......stay fruity!!! :)


Dylan said...

Hey calv, I love the strawberrys, but what I love more is the fact that you kept on going regardless. Thats the way to learn and evolve. Some of my best results have come from sheer determination not to give up, but mainly I just ended up with a disaster lol

Calv said...

Thanks Dylan, i usualy think more highly of my fruit efforts, but this one was very trying lol. It still however has ended up in my freezer with all my other bits. :)

Must be more positive about my mess ups lol.

Nikki said...

Love it.......

Mardi said...

I love it also! I love the plum color.

Sarah C said...

This is briliant and made even more so by your determination. Well done you xx

Claire Mackaness said...

Yuck, I agree a definate 1 for the strawberry!! Have you thought about Lychees or chinese gooseberries?

Karen said...

There's definitely a pink thing going on in your life right now!

Great post, shame about the strawberry ;o)

Calv said...

Lol thanks for the comments everyone! :)))

Hi Claire, i would love to find other, more "unusual" fruit, however they just don't seem to do them aroundHi Claire here, even when i've gone further afield. I think i need to start my search earlier in the week, rather than leave it till Wednesday.

Thanks Nikki, Mardi and Sarah, it's nice to see familiar faces here when i ink fruit now. :)

And Karen....i used my pink BIA today and it's growing on me! :)

Net said...

I reckon your next project should be a raspberry! All those individual bits to ink!

Er keep up the 'good' work Calv! ;))

Sarah said...

I love the colours on this one Calv! Well done on persevering!!