Sunday, 12 October 2008

Fantastic altered PG tips box "Cinderella castle".

It's great having a crafty partner, especially one as talented as Maddy. I don't often post about her makes on here as she gets more than enough attention of her own lol.....but i just have to give a shout out about Maddy's latest creation.

She altered a PG Tips teabag box to create this fabulous Cinderella castle, complete with fimo characters. I've not seen or heard much of Maddy for the past couple of days, when she gets a project like this she dissapears like a hermit and comes out looking like a cavewoman.....but with a gorgeous creation!

Heres the castle and the link to her post.

These mice are well funny! :) I love the one holding his dazed head in his hands!
Nice one Maddy, another great creation! :)


Nikki said...

Well worth her going into hiding for though... gorgeous creation.. and love the mice..

Shary said...

Absolutely fantastic isn't it? How she has the patience to do it all is beyond me.

GW said...

Her castle is brilliant! I found your blog via Fiskateers. My husband appreciates my creations, but isn't an active participant. I keep hoping! :)q

Calv said...

She is a bit clever isn't she. :)