Monday, 29 September 2008

Blending foam storage chest.

Hi all......been a few days since i last blogged, no decent excuse, no mishaps to blame it on....not yet anyway! Just been busy trying my hardest to keep up with everyones blogs.....a task that I'm failing miserably at!

Tonight i made a storage chest to house my foam blending pads. I love blending distress pad inks, but i do find that i get through a lot of pads and have them lying all over the place.

I saw a wonderful blending tool station where you can hang loads of blending tools with thier individual coloured pads on in a rotating rack. Thats fine if you have the money to buy all the blending tools to fill it......but to me thats just money wasted that could go on more crafty stash. I much effort does it really take to change a foam pad!?

I saw this great little project whilst looking around a site called Crafty Storage. A talented lady called Patti Behan posted an article and a video tutorial on how to make one of these storage boxes. Well worth a look, you can find her article and video here.

I've not followed the tutorial exactly, but the basic idea is there, so a big thank you to Patti Behan for kindly sharing this idea.

I stuck brads in the front of the drawers as makeshift handles, but the back is open so you can still push the drawers out from the rear. This was a really enjoyable little project to do, something that i can easily pass on to my kids this weekend. The boxes used were ordinary matchboxes, the matches discarded first obviously. (Safetly of course.....this is Calv we are talking about!)

Plus i had Maddy to supervise me! :)


Tami Bayer said...

So happy to have found your blog this morning. You do beautiful work and write about it wonderfully. Love the inked fruit. Off to visit Maddy's blog now.

Anonymous said...

Very cool! I can totally see this in my craft space. =)

Can't wait for your next fruit inking installment. I'll come by again tomorrow.

Paper Patti said...

Love how your storage chest came out. Thank you for sharing it!

Your fruit is way cool, too.

Craftyideas said...

I love this idea -love your storage chest gorgeous colours

Calv said...

Thank you for the kind comments everyone, lovely to wake up to on this bright sunny morning! :)

Hi Tami, thanks popping in, you'll love the makes at Maddy's blog, she's my teacher lol!

Thanks Lea, i have yet to even decide on a fruit yet, still traumatized by the last effort!!!

Patti, thank you again for the idea, it not only turned out good, but i enjoyed the project too! :)

And Rachel (Crafty Ideas)....thanks for the comment on the colours, as i said in another post this is an area where i'm gaining experience in and it's such a boost to get feedback like that. Thank you. :)