Thursday, 11 September 2008

A nice suprise...Tim Holtz said hi!!!

Just before 3am this morning, i was pottering around my blog when i saw i had a comment on my "star themed pocket challenge" post. So i clicked on it to see who it was, and it was none other than Tim Holtz!!!

What a star for doing that! Since getting into crafting, i have become increasingly drawn to his work. Not just the work he produces, but the way he delivers it too. He is easy to follow, enjoyable to watch, and you can tell he's just a nice guy. Can't ask for much more than that in a role model can you?

I've followed his blog for a while now, and what made it all the more nice that he posted here, was that you can see by his blog what a workload this guy has! I'm surprised he has time to even get on the computer!

So yeah, a lovely surprise on this rainy typical Monday morning in England. I know many of you will have already met him, and hopefully i will too one day if he's over the UK again.

Thanks Tim! :)


maddy hill said...

wonder how he found out about your fruit inking (wink )

obviously curious enough to have a gander ... nice of him to post a comment , i know he a busy chap ...he must have found out about your rather fetching pineapple !
yep i think it was the pineapple that did it !
well who can blame him .... it is a masterpiece !

hmmm !LOL..

you fruit bat !

Joy said...