Saturday, 6 September 2008

Got a new pen today.

Well it's very quiet here today in the land of Calv. I've had a shifty around of my furniture as i needed a more organized house to settle back into after trashing my craft room making a single project!

On the plus side, i had a new fountain pen arrive today! Yes i know that might sound a little geeky to many, but i have to admit to having a bit of a fountain pen fetish. I've always had it, so every now and again i have to feed my need for inky instruments and get a new one.

It was only cheap, but i liked the look of it and it writes so nice....

I have loads more scattered around the house, some of which I'm sure my girls have pinched for school. The above are the ones i use daily.

I am teaching my girls how to use a calligrapghy pen at the moment. I learnt at an early age at school, and it helped my handwriting a great deal. I think schools school bring back penmanship in the school curriculum, but unfortunately i fear those days are fast disappearing amidst the mass of computers in the schools now.

Don't get me wrong, computers are great, but when they break, what does everyone do? Reach for a pen.

Lets just hope our kids children know how to use one in years to come!

Theres nothing better than getting a handwritten letter amongst the bills on your doormat. Once you find the perfect fountain pen for you, it's hard going back. It does not have to be expensive either, i have pens ranging from a couple of pounds to £300......and the best pen i ever wrote with was a fountain pen from Tesco's supermarket here in the UK worth .78p!!!

Theres no reason why you can't employ some of the skills employed in crafting too, artistic envelopes or "mail art" as it's often called, are beautiful to receive and to just look at.

I'm hoping to have a bash at this in the near future with the rather large assignment of writing themed rubber stamps i have in the post. I have some arriving from the US, and i just received a great stamp collage sheet from Jennie at The Artistic Stamper, and i have more on the way too! Cheers Jennie! :)

I go to bed a happy boy tonight! :)


Hels said...

You are so right Calv, I have several fountain pens and my fave is one I have had since I was 11....yes, only a few years ago so it is relatively new LOL.....and God forbid anyone else tries to write with it!!! Don;t you think that they have your writing style etched into the nib after a while? Or is that just my madness showing thru!! Have fun with the new stamps too...looking forward to seeing what you make :O))

Jennie said...

Love my fountain pen too.. one that I have from my Dad...just gorgeous to hold and write with.Should use it more pften :)

Calv said...

Hels you are totaly right about your style being etched into the nib after a while. My favourite pen for doing calligraphic style writing is a cheap £2 plastic thing i've had since i was about 8years old. My teacher gave it to me to learn script.
It is battered, bent, melted with a heatgun (don't ask), and looks like it's ready for the big pen shop in the sky, but as long as it keeps writing gorgeously, it will have a home in my craft room.

Hi Jennie, i think that no matter how much someone buys a pen for, the most precious and valuable ones are those given by loved one or with some history to them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pens! You have a thing for pens like I have for watches. =)

Calv said...

I like watches too Lea, but i am so clumsy i break every decent watch i own! I need something indestructable. :)

Lil' ol' me said...

Ink pens are a must. I have quite a few gorgeous ink pens that I have collected over the years too. I have a very expensive one (for me anyway!) and it writes awful! My favourite is just a bog standard one. Like you though I think my daughters have also 'borrowed' a few over the years as my collection seems to be somewhat delpleated.
By the way I work in a secondary school and I am appalled daily at the handwriting skills of some of the children. I say ban computers and bring back the pen!