Monday, 1 September 2008

Beer mat note holder.

The landlord at my local pub very kindly gave my kids a load of beer mats for crafting with, so as a thank you they made him a note holder for the pub office.

A very simple project, ideal for kids as there is no measuring, (mine find that bit boring!).

The pic is self explanatory really, but heres the easiest step by step ever!........

1. Get two beermats and cover them both sides. Preferably with dad's best DCWV "Once Upon A Time" papers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Stick your pad in place, leaving enough room at the top for your ribbon holes.

3. Choose a nice length of ribbon and thread it through two holes made in the beer mats with a Crop-A-Dile or hole punch. Tie in a secure knot that will not come undone. The kids strengthened the holes with eyelets to stop wear and tear from the ribbon. (Note: Do not try to punch through the post-it pad, the holes only need to go through the top of the mats).

4. Embellish as you desire. Here my kids made a tag, they just cut it to the shape of luggage tag, a quick wipe with a distress pad, and added some thonging. (I did the writing though.)

So thats it. One beermat post-it holder.

I think thats enough on post-it holders for a while, enjoyable as they are to make, addictive too.....i do need to get my teeth into something different.

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