Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Handy mobile paper storage idea.

At present i do not have anything to carry 12 x 12 papers in. If i go to a shop it was always a bit of a pain putting the papers into a plastic bag, especially if they were bought singularly. They could end up bent or damaged by rain due to our lovely weather here in England.

For a temporary measure though, my girlfriend Maddy gave me a spare laptop carry case that she had lying around. She suggested sticking a couple of bit's of mount board in it, and sandwiching the 12 x 12's between them. It works perfectly! Cheers Maddy x.

I use a backpack a lot, and i would dearly love to see a craft tote bag designed in backpack form. Something big enough to carry 12 x 12, but have all the storage compartments to house your crafty stash. This would also allow you to carry it hands free so you can carry the rest of the mountain of goodies.

I know there are tote bags already on the market, but to be honest none of them appeal to me. I would like something a little more manly than pink or lilac please, and if brown has to be the only colour tote bag designers can come up with, could they please make it just a tiny bit funky?

Before anyone mentions the camofladge options, i spent enough years wearing the stuff to stop my backside getting shot off in the forces, so i'd rather not go down that avenue of fashion thanks. :) (Yes i know, i'm too fussy). Don't get me wrong, i can be the biggest girl at times when it comes to colours and crafty items, but just once i'd love to see something that a guy would'nt be embarrassed going to a craft workshop with!

Something like this.....

...but with crafty storage and wide enough for 12 x 12's.

Another handy storage container i use a lot, is the plastic cases from the Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It's the box with 16 chocolates inside, unfortunately though.....and i know this will really put a dampener on the have to eat the choccies first!!! :))))))

Being perfectly clear, they are great for storing bits in. I use them for tools, embellishments, i love the fact you can see everything inside them. Last night i discovered that they are a great fit for the Tim Holtz Distress Ink pads. Arrange them how you want, they can fit eight pads into each box.

I'm hopefully going to build some custom fit wooden storage for these this week, so I'll post some pics when it is done.


Anonymous said...

Calv, will you be decorating the Distress Ink Pad holder? I think that would be nice. =)

Sarah said...

Calv, is this any good?
I have one so does my mum and they are so sturdy!

Claire, Stuart & Thomas Mackaness said...

I love those tubs, I store my cuttlekids alphabets in them and use the lid on my desk to store my knife, tweezers and a pencil so they dont roll off the desk!!

Calv said...

I might just do that Lea, that would look cool inked.

Hi Sarah, i can't seem to get that link, but if it's the sturdy trolley type tote, the blue one reduced from £99 down to £25, my girlfriend and a friend of mine showed me last night and say they are really good. Must admit it's the best thing i've seen yet. Thank you for that.

Hi you know what? I've been moaning for ages about my cuttlekids alphabets ending up all over the place, i should have read my own storage tip and used these! Thanks for that, i'll go do it now. :)

Anonymous said...

Ive found its best to store inkpads flat and the right way up especially if their new,as the ink can pool to one side of the pad....this was something I was told when I first started but maybe its some urban art myth lol

Calv said...

Hi Paula, you are totaly right....but they do say women usualy are lol....i have since learnt that it is indeed best to lay them flat upside down. I've noticed a difference too.

Thanks for that, much appreciated. I need all the help i can get! :)