Saturday, 6 September 2008

What i've learnt today.....

I've been after something to wear whilst crafting as i seem to wreck everything i craft in!

After the thousandth time accidentally splattering alcohol ink on my clothes, i decided to make a crafty t-shirt, something i am not fussed about getting messy.

So after investigating a few methods of applying different colours to fabric, i have learnt the following things.....

1. Always listen to your fellow crafters!!! If they say that alcohol ink is not great on fabric, don't think it "may be different for your t-shirt!

2. Permanent calligraphy markers, whilst good on other materials......look rubbish on fabric! They bleed, don't write smooth and basically make a hash up of your already hashed up t-shirt project!!!

3. StaZon does not come out nice when stamped on fabric. I guess the material soaks it up and you can hardly see the result!

4. Distress pads do not make your t-shirt look looks like you need a bath!

5. Finally, no matter how many of Tim Holtz's videos you have watched, no matter how easy Tim and other crafters make the blending technique will not work on a t-shirt!!!!!! Well not mine anyway!

So i now have a t-shirt that looks like it's subjected to a frenzied ink attack, by a colourblind two year old!!!

How not to do it!

On a positive note, i now have a t-shirt that really can't get any worse through crafty spillages!!!
Back to the drawing board methinks. Time to go and learn how to make decent t-shirts!


Paul B said...

Just found your sight and love the light hearted funny tales you have. Have you thought about using fabric paints on a t shirt such as Jacquard or Stewart Gill? Or how about buying transfer sheets and printing out a design you've designed and scanned in. Looking forward to seeing how you get on :)


Calv said...

Hi Paul, and thanks.

My initial thought was fabric paints, but i just wanted to see what the alcohol inks in my craft room would produce. A nice mess in this case! :)

The transfer idea is a good one, i know thats pretty safe with good results as i've used it before. I think i'll stick to tried and tested methods.

I'll look into the Jacquard and Stewart Gill paints, thank you for that suggestion.

Andrea said...

I must say that snazzy and no-one else will have one the same x

Calv said...

Thanks Andrea :) I think it's probably pretty much guarunteed that this is a one of a kind!

*"Thank God" i hear the crafty community cry out!".