Tuesday, 9 September 2008

"Quotes" tag book.

I have not been feeling too great today for one reason or another, and for a while i thought i'd totaly lost my crafty mojo!

So i decided to look through a book that Maddy gave me called "The Organised Scrapbooker" for inspiration. It's a great book with info on everything to do with storage, scrap room planning, getting yourself out of a crafty rut.....all the important things that normal people don't worry about!

One thing that caught my attraction was a tag book in which you keep your favourite quotes. I love quotes, i have books on them and think it's great that just a few words can change so much if you let them. Heres the front cover......

So i had my first go at blending, using some lovely distress pads that arrived for me today, and i had a play with some of my new stamps. I tried to loosely follow the tutorial that Dan over at A Crafty Life did recently, but as usual, my effort soon went pearshaped!

The blending could be better, but it was my first time so i am still pleased with it. I flicked too much water at the tag too, so there are a few splodges instead of dots on the ink, but hey, i've learnt for next time. What i did wrong was instead of just flicking water at the tag, i also held my hand over the tag and let the water drop onto it, causing big drops to hit and rest on it. Not as subtle. Maddy suggested flicking it with a toothbrush for finer spots.

The flower stamp in the middle was coloured with chalks.

The oval label with the word "Quotes" inside, is actualy a stamp with a different word in it. I just inked the stamp with StaZon, covered the word inside the oval border with a piece of paper to mask the wording, then stamped it onto my tag. This left a stamped oval label, blank inside, in which i could them write the word "Quotes".

I love this saying by Anthony Robbins. It means that your life or what you do in your life, resembles those who you are in the company of most. I like to apply this saying to my crafts. I have always had a great teacher in Maddy when it comes to learning techniques, and if i surround myself with people, blogs and inspiration of a high crafty work can only get better!


Paul B said...

Great Tag book, the colours have blended really well and I like the bigger splashes of water on it - makes it look different to Dan's and equally as good - it has your style stamped onto it. I agree T Robbins has some brilliant quotes - I've been a fan of his for 20 odd years - the past does not equal the future & nothing tastes as good as slim feels are two of his best quotes for me. Do you own any of his Cds? If so, which ones?


Hazel said...

You certainly haven't lost your mojo - this tag book is super - there's no end to your talents! I like the look of the ink in your previous posts - and so good to see such a selection of pens - your writing is brilliant - I wish I could do anything half as good.

Calv said...

Thank you Hazel, my everyday handwriting is somewhat of a change in progress. I am working on learning a more italic script of writing, it's coming along, small steps and all that.

Thanks for the kind comment Paul. Regarding the splashes, i need to remember that sometimes accidents end up being different styles instead of mistakes! That has the making of a great quote in fact!

I've been into Tony Robbins for about 6 years now, i have his Personal Power and Get The Edge cd collection. Very inspirational, they get pulled out now and again when i need a life makeover lol.

Anonymous said...

Calv i think your tag is fantastic i agree with paul that although different its equally as good as Dans....xx jo xxx

Calv said...

Thanks Jo, i put the success of the tag down to Dan's great tutorial though. Blending is something i just have'nt been able to do up until now.

He definately has a new fan now. :)

Rachel said...

Love the tag book Calvin - you have been busy again :-)

Hels said...

Ooooh, Calv, I love this.....the colours you have achieved on the edges of the tag are stunning...and you ain't lost your Mojo have you!! Take it easy...Hels x