Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Worry pocket.

Last week i did a fantastic pocket challenge set by Hels over at her blog, and when i saw the pocket finished, i just knew that my young daughters would be all over it!

My kids love little things. Especially little things they can hide things in. So i thought that with some minor template changes, i could create something special for my girls to use.

A big thank you to Hels for being kind enough to let me change the template for my project.
Now like most kids, another thing my girls do from time to time is worry. It may be the tiniest thing to you or I, but to's a mountain on thier little shoulders. Now and again i get a little slip of paper pushed in front of me whilst i am doing something, and it will be a tiny note containing a detailed explanation of whats on thier minds.
So i decided to make them a little "worry pocket". A pocket pouch that they can hide thier worries in, and pass it to me without fear anyone else seeing it if thats what they want.

Firstly, i have a lot to learn about colour matching, and i have learnt just in this one project....lots about what not to do and what i need to improve on!
So the workings of the undo the ribbon tie at the front, and the book pops open...
There is then a set of doors under the main flap, all of these are threaded shut by a single ribbon. I know from experience that my kids love undoing packages, so i thought i'd have thier worries all tied up safe. Extra secrecy! If you are wondering what the silver mess is on the right
flap, poorly disguised with organza ribbon, it was another embossing attempt that went wrong!!!
When you open it fully, an envelope is revealed in which you place your worries, written on a piece of paper.

Just in case they have a few things on thier they often do after a hard day at school.....i have made the envelope an expanding one to allow more in it.
When you re-thread the ribbon to close the pocket up, the ribbon attached to the left door goes up through the right door eyelet, then up through the top flap eyelet, then when pulled, it pulls everything shut again. Finish off by tieing it with the ribbon at the bottom of the pocket.

This project can be made so much more prettier than i've done it, to be honest i was just happy getting the finished design working properly and ready to receive the first worry! Not just for worries though, this would make a great little "secrets" book or a pocket to pass to friends with messages in.
Thanks again to Hels for the pocket idea.

Hope you like it. :)


Carolyn said...

what a lovely idea Calv

Hazel said...

This is super, Calvin

Hels said...

Calv, this is wonderful, you have such a creative mind...and so kind for your girls too....I bet they love this xx

Calv said...

Thanks everyone, and thank you Hels for the inital idea.

Craftyideas said...

Brilliant idea love your blog its an inspiration