Thursday, 11 September 2008

Time to get fruity!!!!

Is it sad that i actually look forward to Thursdays now?

It begins about Monday when i start searching for fruit to ink. One may think that it's just a case of walking into a fruit shop and buying a bit of fruit? Oh no my fruit fans, theres an art to the selection as well as the inking!

Theres much to think about. Texture, base colour, firmness (no good inking a mushy fruit), whether or not it is small enough to carry home!
Anyway, yes my friends, it's time for another episode of "Fruit i inked today!".

I rather think i shot myself in the foot with last weeks pineapple. How can you top a pineapple with all it's inkable textures and sheer mammoth size? I decided not to dwell on it to much and found myself a fruit that is not only delicious, but was a pleasure to ink.

So without further ado, i give you......the GALA MELON!!!!!!

Yes ok i know it looks like i've just blobbed ink all over it, but oh how wrong you would be!

I began by doing some blending with distress pads and applicator tool/foam pad. This went well, however the yellow background colour of the melon hid the colours a bit. The i accidentaly spilt some red on the melon, so i decided to change my design to somewhat of a "globe" effect.

Just tell me that doesn't have some kind of "fruity world" thing going on there!!!?
Now then, once again i hear the crowds shouting for me to stop waffling and give the scores on the doors, soooooooo.........
On my Fruitinkability scale of one to ten, i think i'm going to give this a comfy 5!!!
The texture was great to ink, in the close-up below you'll see the kind of terrain i had to master in order to ink this baby!!! The ink bled nicely into the different patterns on the melon skin and all in all, it held onto the colour well.

Now then, the melon above was very yellow, very ripe as i found out later when i dropped it....and a little too moist to ink, hence the reason i had to use more neat ink than blended.
So today i got an un-ripe gala melon and it was much better to ink.
I just had a play with distress pads only, but it was still fun. After colouring it nicely, for some stupid reason i tried to put some black bands around it, for the first time in history, a melon went pearshaped!
Not a great result, but if you should ever feel like inking a melon, get the un-ripe ones, they are much drier and nicer to ink. (Even if this one looks a mess!).
Kind of looks like a funky bowling ball does'nt it? :)

Why only a five then? I think there are lot of fruits out there that can top it, i've yet to find them, but i know they are out there!
I have had some excellent suggestions so far. White grapes, a star fruit...which WILL be mine next time i find one!.....and more recently i had the request of a pumpkin!!! To be honest though, it would be rude not to leave the pumpkin for a special Halloween fruit ink.
Calv's safety tip: I have to chip in here with a reminder NOT to eat any fruit that has been inked. I am NOT Willy Wonka.....i may be as bizzare as Mr Wonka at times, but alas i merely brighten up fruit and my methods will not make it tastier!!! :)

Anyway folks, i'm tired, you were probably asleep a few minutes ago, so i'll shut up and say goodbye. Cheers for tuning in, same time next week, until then......stay fruity!!! :)


Jennie said...

mmmmm makes the fruit even more exciting to eat, don't you think;)x

Calv said...

Certainly does Jennie! :)

Whilst i have to advocate not eating the inked fruit on my blog for safety have no idea how tempting it is lol!!!

By the time i'd finished this one, it was like staring at something from the Wonka factory! :)

Liverpool Lou said...

Well this is certainly different Calv, but I like it
Anne x

KatieG said...

Your blog really does cheer me up - thanks Calv. Dont suppose you took a photo of the pear shaped melon?

Calv said...

Lol i did Katie!!! When i said it went pearshaped, i was on about the last pics of the melon with the bands around it. It was looking pretty funky before i did the black bands. :)

Never mind, it's all a fruitinkaliscious learning curve and it will eventually all add up to a masterpiece at the end of my fruit inking journey!

Thats my excuse anyway! :)

Cheers for stopping by. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I wish bowling balls were this pretty!

Congrats on the Tim Holtz comment on your other post! So exciting. =)

ZugStitcher said...

My goodness Calv - whatever next?

How long does it take to do something like that?

BTW - how is your cushion project getting on? Maybe you could do a fruity series???

Happy inking
Nicki x

Calv said...

Thanks Lea, maybe theres a market for fruity bowling theres a thought! :)

Thanks for stopping by Nicki, as for the cushion, i've got as far as cutting the material out, now it's in amongst about a hundred other projects and ides i have spinning around in my head!!!

Don't worry, i will get the cushion done eventualy....i won't let my Swiss visitors down!!! :)