Thursday, 25 September 2008

DANGER!!! Fruit inking in progress!!!

Well i have to say, that even with my history, i never expected that i would ever be involved in a mishap involving fruit!!! More on that later though........

I am posting this weeks episode of "Fruit i inked today!" from sunny Leeds. I am at my girlfriends house for the week, so she came with me to Leeds market to find this weeks subject. Lots to choose from, but two stuck out for me so this week i am treating you to not one but TWO inked fruit!

The first fruit i had a go at was not exactly the most interesting shape, very much like an apple in fact, however it was the colour that attracted me to it for inking reasons. My first fruit this week is the CHINESE PEAR!!!

The picture and computer screen does not do the colour of this fruit justice, but it was so light, it was almost white......a perfect blank canvas for inking.

I decided to do a standard dabbing and blending tachnique, and was really pleased with the result. Not the most exciting of colour effects, but i love the blended colours.

So that was the chinese pear, not a bad fruit to ink, lovely light colour to bring out the true colours of the ink, but despite looking forward to inking this fruit, i'm going to give it a fruitinkability rating of 3.

Now then, the fruit that almost became infamous for eliminating a fruit inker so early in his blossoming career! The second fruit i thought would be a great idea to ink.....and may i add was encouraged to get by Maddy, was the PRICKLY PEAR!!!

These pears apparently grow on cactus plants and usualy have long spines on them, however these ones had been removed prior to us buying them. No danger there then eh? Wrong!!!

I started inking the fruit as i usualy do, the effect was misbehaving slightly and i ended up getting the best effect from using purples and silver. However all of a sudden i started feeling pain in my hands! Thinking it was just me getting old, i carried on, however before long my fingers started to swell up, and i developed a rash like a severe netttle rash!

The pain was pretty intense and at it's worst my vision went a bit blurred and Maddy was on the verge of phoning the hospital, but luckily it only lasted a few hours. It turns out that this fruit has tiny hairlike spines also, which you pretty much cannot see.......but wow you can feel them!!!

I could'nt carry on with the second fruit, i was moaning too much with pain lol, but it was a learning curve......i learnt NOT to ink anything to do with a cactus again!!!

Maddy was an angel as usual, whilst i was in major pain, Maddy was finding out usefull things on the net like, "Ooh Calv......did you realise that they use this fruit to make the itchiest itching powder in the world?!". Really Maddy?!!! You don't say!!!!

Fruitinkability rating for this one......a 3 also, i reckon i could have achieved a 5 had i have been wearing gloves!

So not the best week for inking fruit i'm afraid. However, the next day i received a lovely gift in the post from Jennie from The Artistic Stamper.....a gift which would have saved me a lot of pain had it arrived a few hours earlier. Plastic fruit!!! Loads of it, so at some point i will possibly do a special inked plastic fruit to sign and give away as a prize here!!! Wow, ain't that something to get excited about!!! :)

Until next week......stay fruity!!!


Hels said...

Just loving the Prickley Pear Calv, I used to work in Leeds market ... had a Saturday job there ... far too many years ago to say though!! Enjoy Leeds...and get some Fish n Chips while you are there...they are the best!!! Hels :O))

Calv said...

Thanks Hels. :)

Not had fish and chips up here yet, will book a visit to the chippy next time i'm up. I love it up here, everyones so friendly and the shopping is great in town.

Jennie said...

like the effect of the prickley pear which obviously stands up to its name :)!!!xxx

Tracey said...

Must stop laughing long enough to say you've made my day Calv, and yes we do have the best fish n chips up ere.

Know Hels and Jenny through a forum and live very close to where Hels's roots are, also work at "Jimmy's" hospital in Leeds. Got to your blog through Maddy's, who vistited a friend of mines then in turn mine.

We can talk a lot too!

Fab blog and creativity too.

Kathie said...

Hi Calv, read about your prickly problem on Carolyns, so thought I would come and check out the results. It could only happen to you lol!
I've got to agree with the others - get some fish n chips from up north! You can't beat them, ooh and a good proper curry. That's what I really miss from home, cos they don't make them the same down here in Cornwall.
Looking forward to next weeks fruity inkings

KatieG said...

Hope your hands are feeling better now - can't wait to see what next Thursday brings

Anonymous said...

Great new inkings. =) By chance were you allergic to the prickly pear? Maybe a dose of Benadryl should have been in order. Glad you're okay. Who knew crafting could be so dangerous! hee hee

Calv said...

Wow all these recommendations for the fish and chips in Leeds, would be rude not to really wouldn't it? :)

Hi Lea, i may have had a slight allergic rection, i'll try another one some time and find out.

patty w said...

I am not laughing! Ok..just a wee bit.

I had a run in with a stinging nettle and know that pain firsthand! OW.. I feel for you.

On the bright side, the fruit is gorgeous!

Calv said...

Lol thanks Patty.....your laughing sounds as about as sympathetic as my girlfriends was when she saw it.....trying hard to stop the belly laugh whilst pretending to act concerned lol!

Thanks for stopping by. :)