Thursday, 18 September 2008

Yes it's that time again folks!

Good evening my fruity friends! :)

Yes it's Thursday again, and we all know what that means, it's time for episode five of "Fruit i inked today!"

Well my little fruit bats, this week i have not only travelled afar to get my fruit, but have also risked the most dangerous parts of this country to get it too!!! I jest ye not my fruity friends, this week i travelled a monstous thirteen miles to get achieve my fruity goal. The place i got it from, is one of the roughest parts of this area,not ideal for an afternoon stroll put it this way!
However i had it on good authority that there were plenty of foreign food shops there which supplied nice fruit. So off i went.
May i just say, that i put my fruit inking mission above many other things so as not to let you down. Example: Whilst in this less than desirable place where i brought the fruit, i was approached by a lady who was obviously recognised a "business oppurtunity" with me, and shall we say that this lady probably did most of her business at night.....hmmm say no more! I politely declined the offer whilst trying hard to stop going a lighter shade of scarlet.......and carried on relentlesly on my fruit mission!
Thats dedication for you people!.......and a lesson to anyone who wants to stop me and ask "Are you busy love?" Whilst i'm trying to find fruit to ink!!! (Plus Maddy can do with embossing tools what Ninja's do with throwing it really wasn't a viable option.)
Just kidding Maddy :) xxx
SHUT UP WAFFLING CALV! i hear you heres what i inked today!!!! A bunch of dates!!!
As soon as i saw these i just knew i had to ink them! I have never seen dates like this before, the only dates i'd seen before this was the brown sticky ones you eat at xmas. This is what they looked like before they were inked......
I have to say that these were an ablsoute pleasure to ink. Even more than the melon last week. Very hard, and smooth enough to get some nice colours going on them.
Some turned out better than others, but over all i was very pleased with the result. The difference in results for each date made this all the more arty. When i added the different colours, neat from the bottle, they mixed so well anyway, but when i added mixative they just mingled and fizzed away until i got what i wanted.
Fruitinkability factor? Great! In fact, this week i'm going to give these a fruitinkablity rating of 7!!! Yes it was that good. The close-up above shows just how nice the colours turned out.
Thanks everyone, maybe next week i'll look for fruit in a more upmarket area. Much safer!


Mardi said...

How did you ever come up with the idea to ink fruit and one more question, what do you do with the fruit after you ink it? I just love your creativity. You and Maddie seem to have tons of fun! BTW...welcome to the Fiskateer community!

PS I took a Tim Holtz class at CHA Summer 2007 and it was a blast! How cool of him to take the time to check your blog out! Lucky you!

Calv said...

Hi Mardi, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the welcome. :)

I started inking fruit because i was bored one night. I was really loving my new inks and i just wanted to ink something. Most of the pieces have gone into the freezer afterwards, and are still sitting there now.

I'd love to do a Tim Holtz class, maybe one day.

MaryNSC said...

Loving your site..Thanks !! LOLOL

Jennie said...

mmmmmmmmmm good enuff to eat ;) x

Claire, Stuart & Thomas Mackaness said...

They look beautifull, such lovely colours. Goodness knows what your going to do with all this inked fruit? Send it to the TATE perhaps?

Calv said...

After seeing what Damien Hirst's stuff goes for, i'm very tempted to send a pineapple to Christies!!!

That would sort me out for buying crafty stash for a while! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Calv,
Yeah, I've never seen dates like that either. Looks like a branch of green olives. Great inking! =) Didn't find a starfruit yet?

Calv said...

No Lea lol, still haven't found a star fruit yet, but i have a couple of new places to try this week so fingers crossed.

I'll double check the fruit i just inked, i've not seen these before and the guy in the shop said they were dates.....might have been joking though!

Calv said...

Just checked online and by the looks of it they are Israeli Bahri dates. Learning while i ink...not a bad thing! :)

Rachel said...

They would look gorgeous sugared after inking - kind of frost effect....


iReneM said...

Wow, Calv, what a lovely bunch of dates you've got there.
Beautiful colours. Methinks the best yet.
Eat your 'art out Hirst!!

Hels said...

Calv, you are bonkers love!!! However, I love the inky fruity posts you do...and am laughing me socks off reading of your encounter with a lady of the night LOL....all in the name of art eh? HUgs x

Calv said...

Thank you for the replies to this post, it's always nice to see my fruit art being appreciated! :)