Sunday, 14 September 2008

10 minute storage project.

Ok heres a quick and easy storage idea for you to try if you're bored and have no place left to store your little bits like brads, eyelets and so on.

All you need is three things.....piece of wood, some nails or brass panel pins (they look nicer), and some small grip seal bags.

The pics here are self explanatory, but I'll run you through it after.....

Ok i know it looks basic, but it works, cost me nothing as i found the wood and nails in the shed, the grip seal bags are part of batch of thousands i got off eBay once. A lot of the things you'll see me make out of wood may look basic, but i tend to stumble across an obstacle, then go and knock up a crude solution to help me out. That basic model can be expanded upon and decorated however you want.

Ok, quick step by step....

1. Get your wood and sand it so the edged and surface are smooth. This bit just needed the edges doing. You sand it because this storage can be handled and moved if you wish, you don't want splinters before you start crafting.

2. Best way to get the bags to lie straight on the board, is to first lay your first two bags on the wood where you want the first row. Nail through the top of the bag, above the grip seal. Don't nail right the way through, leave enough nail out so you can double bags up if you want. Your first two bags are now hanging in place.

3. Leave them in place, and position a new bag underneath, leave a few millimetres or so space in between, and nail your next bag, and so on. By leaving the already nailed bags up, you can position the next bag more accurately.

4. You can now slip your bag back off the nail easily.

Very basic i know, but effective. What i like about this is....

a) You can make it as big or small as you want.
b) It's portable, so you can bring it to your work space if you wish rather than going back and forth to get different bags.
c) Due to the clear grip seal bags, you can see everything you have to play with. How many of you have stash hidden away and never used because you can't see it?

There is no limit to the adaptions you could make to this. Stick another row of nails halfway down the hanging bag if you wish, you will double the amount of bags you can hang off this, the top bag will just lay halfway over the lower bag.

Decoration is easy too. I left it bare just to show you quickly, but you can paint it, stamp on it as i did here with StaZon, screw it to the wall, put a cord on the top and hang it somewhere.....the choice is yours.

I just thought I'd show you something you could make in 10 minutes from a few bits in the shed.
Night all :)

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great idea Calv xx jo xx