Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wall mounted magazine rack/12 x 12 storage.

Heres a piccy of a magazine rack i made for my girlfriends craft room, she needed somewhere to store a few of her current crafty mags.

I would like to point out that i am not a carpenter in any way shape or form. I just measure the wood, and tack/screw/stick it together in more or less the shape i want it. What i'm saying is, most people out there could do this with a few tools. I bored loads of holes in the front not only as feature, but so the colours of the crafty mags would show through. It works sometimes. :)

This was a first effort so it wasn't perfect, you can adjust the measurements to fit 12 x 12 papers, all you need are two sides, a front and a back. I am making some more but with a nicer design to them, a bit of a curve here and there made with a jig-saw. The holes were made with a hole-saw, you can get them cheap at most hardware shops.

I used 3mm MDF board for this. Cheap and easy to work with. Make sure you glue it as well as screw it, those magazines and paper stacks can weigh a fair bit when they mount up.

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Kinglake said...

looks fab..i could do with one of those smiles at Calv lol xx jo xx