Monday, 1 September 2008

Dangerous DIYing.

I used to love the old Giles cartoons from the newspaper here in the UK, now and again i take a look at some random cartoons from thier archives.

Today i found a great one which could have been drawn for me! My girlfriend will relate to this, i'm always doing DIY at her place, and the results are as eventfull as my crafty projects!

Click on the cartoon for a bigger image and the caption under it. :)


maddy hill said...

actually ....... if that hole was just alittle bit to the right and further down - that would look exactly like the outside of my house calvin ! ......

so when are you gonna seal the hole you made for the outside light ?lol

Calv said...

Ah well you see...i thought....when you said you liked dining " al fresco"...i just figured that as you eat a lot of your meals in the get where i'm going with this right? :)