Tuesday, 19 August 2008

What do ya know! Fingertips DO grow back!

Recently whilst at my girlfriends house, i had a couple of rather unfortunate crafty incidents that i thought i would share. One is good safety lesson for you all.......the other.....not quite sure what it would come under really?

I was cutting large amounts of mountboard using a Stanley knife and metal ruler, and i must have let my concentration slip somewhat, my finger that was holding the ruler steady crept over the edge of the ruler. Result.....i took a good slice off of the tip of my left index finger!

For those of you that are squeamish, fear not, it was'nt as bad as it sounded. It did leave me however with a perfectly flat left side of my fingertip!!! Quite precise in fact. Anyway, a month later and my fingertip is round again...well kind of.

So without futher ado......

Calv's safety tip: Always keep your fingers well away from your cutting blades, no matter what tool you're using! Fingers are not supposed to have angles to them!

The other indicent......which i will word very carefully......involves a rather bizzare application of embossing powder. My girlfriend and i had been crafting all night, and basicaly i was busting for the loo! We were about to take some craft gear downstairs, so i grabbed 3 tubes of embossing powder in my hand, and ran to the toilet.

I raced into the toilet, but in my haste i knocked the lid off of one of the embossing powders!!! I'll leave the details, but lets just say that a certain body part of mine ended up completely covered in gold embossing powder!!!!

Didn't i feel a twit! Maddy of course thought it was hilarious.......i said i didn't know whether to have a wee or crackle glaze it!!!

Oh well, we'd had a knackering day, at least it raised a giggle. :)

Calv's safety tip: Always, ALWAYS.......leave craft gear OUTSIDE the toilet, no matter how much you need to go!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Calv i thaught i was the clumsey one but you beet me hands down. I have had a good laugh reading your blog well done see you soon Val xxxx