Thursday, 28 August 2008

Fruit i inked today!

Hi inky fruit fans! :)

Yes it's that time once again for what i have decided to make my weekly feature...."Fruit i inked today!"

Every week, i will be scouring the shops for different fruits to alcohol ink. Each fruit will get a "fruitinkability" rating out of 10 (Oh yes my friends....fruitinkability is now an official word!), based on difficulty, enjoyment factor and end result.

Last week we saw my effort with a banana which turned out ok, but this week people......would you please put your scissors down, pull yourself away from Create and Craft for two minutes, and put your hands together for.......(drum roll....drrrrrrrrrrrrr).........the grape!!!

This one was a tricky little blighter! Hard to hold obviously, i looked like Harry Potter running around my craft room trying to keep hold of the Golden Snitch! The grape skin (which started off light green) seemed to wet the ink every time i applied it, so it got messy pretty fast.

Did i enjoy this one? Not sure about that one, i reckon there are easier fruit out there to ink if you really have to. My inking technique definitely needs improving, i know that for a start. So before my next installment, i will be watching some more of Tim Holtz's videos, i'm sure he'd be impressed that his talents were contributing to a project that will soon have a huge following!

I'm going to give this a fruitinkability rating of 3. The colour did not come out as nice as i'd like and it was hard to ink, therefore there just was'nt the party in my ink applicator i expected!

Thanks for popping your head in, and just to keep your mouths watering for next weeks episode of "Fruit i inked today!"........lets just say i'm going to go exotic for that one!!! :)

Nite all.......oops....should be saying morning now actually! Doesn't time fly when you are inking fruit? :)


Anonymous said...

Try a pineapple next time! (hee hee) Or if you can find one, a starfruit. That would be cool!

Calv said...

Funnily enough Lea, i was looking at one today, but it was huge and it looked very daunting! All i could think about was how much ink i'd use on the thing!

I've not heard of a starfruit, looks like this will be educational as well crafty!

Thanks Lea. :)

c.middleton42 said...

Oh My Calv. What have you started. I cannot believe how amazingly cool your fruit altering is - certainly a cool thing to put on your CV :-)
I certainly have heard of a starfruit and it has a smooth skin so should be good to ink up but the shape may prove a little more difficulty in altering. I am sure you will not let stop you trying to add it to your frutability? posts :-)

Rachel said...

you missed a bit......


Calv said...

Lol Rachel, can't believe i just went back to have a look! :)

Jennie said...

love the fruit altering-you will like my new blog challenge when my arm is up to creating!