Tuesday, 26 August 2008

An altered body in 12 weeks!

As i sit here eating the last burger in my fridge, i am making the decision to sort my body out a bit.....or a lot in fact!

I used to be fit, in pretty good shape and quite happy with the way i was. However due to injuries picked up in past careers, and other excuses.....i'll call them that rather than reasons because excuses are what they are......i've let myself go somewhat. I could blame my biggest and fave hobby, crafting.....i mean i know we can get quite a workout on the Big Shot but realistically, sitting at a scrap table is never going to get us in shape is it?

So i've decided to do something about it. A few years ago i did the Body For Life Challenge, it was a worldwide competition and i did pretty well. Even got my piccy in a few magazines, the usual fitness mags but the crowning glory was my appearance in the UK chat mag, "Take a Break"!!! :)

Anyway, you have 12 weeks to change your body through exercise and good nutrition.

So i thought i'd give it another go, however unfortunately they've made a hash up of the UK one this year, and they won't let us join the US challenge like they did before (not a happy bunny!)

Not to worry though, i'll just follow the routine and the diet and see how it goes. The reason i'm telling you all about this, is because i've been meaning to do this for a couple of years now, but you know how it things leads to another and you sit on your backside watching tv!

Putting it on my blog is kind of like being accountable to everyone here, if i don't go through with the programme i'll feel like i've let myself down and others too.

Here's the mag pics from my last effort, yes i know they are well cheesy lol, cringe worthy even!....but i would say i'm back at the "before" piccy stage on the magazine pics below. I'm top left in the black shorts by the way.....not the yellow bikini!

Don't ask for a close up......thats as brave as i get right now!!! :)

I want to do this mainly for myself, but also for my girls. My body feels like an 80 year olds right now, and i want to feel at least a few years younger than that. The old injuries i have will hinder things somewhat, but theres many worse off than me who have done more so i'll shut up moaning lol. :)

So starting from tomorrow, i'll begin the 12 weeks. Finish date will be December 4th. I'll keep a little update going on here from time to time, and you have my full permission to tell me off if you hear me eating rubbish! :)

I'll take some more "before" pics later tonight, and may even post them when the 12 weeks are up as i "should" be looking better!

Wish me luck!!!


maddy hill said...

"no close ups " hehee double click on the picture MR !

annmarie said...


I take it you were meaning to give us all a look at a handsome fella rather than show him up .... coz his after pic can take it!

the guy needs all the encouragement he can get
(and I mean that in the nicest possible way: it's a tough challenge for ANYONE)

Go for it, Calv!!

maddy hill said...

Hehee, Totally Anne Marie !
Might have to join him, me thinks ...

your brave Calvin !!!

Anonymous said...

You're a brave man, Calv, putting this out there for all to read and see. I wish you great luck! This makes for great crafting stuff, too!

Calv said...

Thanks Lea, annmarie.....and of course Maddy lol.

I forgot about the image clicking thing!