Saturday, 23 August 2008

Post-it cover.

Of all the easy projects out there to do, a post-it note cover is one that i have not done yet.
So tonight i gave it a quick bash, just a real basic one with a brad and some threads thrown in for good measure. It fastens with a velcro circle, next time i'll slightly alter the score marks as i think i did one too close, it closes a little tight if that makes sense?

Like i said, very basic i know, but i wanted to get the hang of a basic one so i can pass on the knowledge to the kids in the morning......i can see them making these for of thier friends! I was so chuffed with the Pheobe paper i used, i didn't want to stick things all over it. The colours are well cool! :) The brad came from the lovely selection in the Basic Grey Archaic collection.


maddy hill said...

I really really like that calvin , love how you have used the fibres on it. good choice of paper too - phoebe papers are my favs.

Note : If your post holder is too tight calvin , just take some of the post its off to thin the size down !

Calv said...

Ah..good idea Maddy, cheers for that. :)

Hazel said...

These look lovely, Calv - some more beautiful papers you've used. Btw - thanks for the alcohol ink tip - wish someone had told me not to splodge red glitter glue on the carpet!

Chris said...

Love the idea and love your blog.

Calv said...

Thanks for the kind comments, i think your glitter glue would have been a prettier accident than my ink splodge Hazel! :)

maggieb said...

They are really lovley Calv i love the colours. Loving your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog! Please do visit often. =) I will add you to my blog lists of friends far away.

You have great projects and I'll come by to check on you from time to time.


Calv said...

Talk of the devil Lea! I was just talking about you in another post. Thanks for popping in and the kind comments. :)