Tuesday, 19 August 2008

10 commandments for my craft room.

I honestly never expected someone like me to be writing about rules, however i have two eager little crafters here half the time so i feel something needs to be put in place!

1. Dad's stash shall not be pinched and given/sold it to friends at school!

2. Fighting over the last bloom, book ring or ribbon is strictly forbidden. (Unless i need it, then light shoving is permitted.)

3. Dad's Whisper pens are not to be used to colour in wood in the garden!!!

4. We do NOT bring live bugs/grubs/wildlife into the craft room. (I don't care if they have'nt hatched yet!)

5. We will not use the best chipboard for EVERYTHING!!!

6. Dad does not need more flower eyelets in his matter how pretty they apparently look.

7. The only odours permitted in the craft room are from craft related items. Other "creations" are not welcome!

8. The craft table is not to be used to cut dolls hair on. Whilst the Bratz doll may look funky, the "hairy" look for EVERY craft project i do is definately not good!

9. Your sister's hand will most certainly NOT fit through the Big Shot!!!

10. Most importantly, have fun!!! :)


Lavender stamper said...

love your rules....especially number 9

Happy Crafting

Calv said...

Thanks Lisa :)

No 9 is in use a lot at the moment.....little darlings they are!!!!

Sarah C said...

These are fantastic Calvin ROFL Do they take any notice though? lol xxx

Calv said...

Hmmm not lately! Need to reinforce them every few weeks or so. Girls...don't ya just love em!!!