Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Been playing with inks.....

Today i've been playing with alcohol inks, stamps and memory glass.

I'm after a particular effect that i saw recently and was really impressed by. I've not really made anything particular, just messing around with effects. I wanted to ink the glass, and stamp it too, but it did'nt turn out as vibrant as i wanted, so Maddy suggested i alcohol inked onto glossy photo paper first, so i did.

The result was much better. I've inked the paper with three colours on my ink applicator, but i guess you could use a brayer too. Once the inks really dry, i then stamped a nice design with black Stazon. Then the clear piece of memory glass covers it, giving it a gorgeous vibrant shine.

The stamped image isn't as crisp as i'd like, but then again this is my first try so i was'nt expecting perfection. Maddy said that Stazon can react with the ink sometimes as it's a solvent ink, so maybe thats why it is not as clear as planned?

I've seen this sort of thing done with clear acrylic shapes to make gorgeous pendants, and they can be sealed with foil (i think i'm right there?) around the edge but i just wanted to post this to give people an idea of the kind of effect you can get.

What you then use it for, is up to you.

Edited to say: After a very informative and jolly phonecall with Jennie from The Artistic Stamper (link to the right of my blog), i have discovered that what i was after was acrylic fragments, so i've bought some from Jennie's shop. She has done some gorgeous examples as part of projects on her blog. Thanks Jennie! :)


Hels said...

Hiya, love what you have done with this - apparently, according to the legend that is Tim, StaZon is solvent based so can actually make the alcohol ink disappear...and he advises using an oil based archival ink....anyways, I just wanted to say I love your Blog and I have had a little chortle reading about your "dangerous" exploits = from one clumsy crafter to another...welcome to blogland :O)) Hels x

Rachel said...

Hi Calv - agree with all the stazon/inks comments. The copper tape you can get to go around the edges is used in stain glass work quite often.


Calv said...

Thanks Rachel,i'll look into the copper edging.....cheers for the tip.

Thanks Hels, i was chatting with Jennie from The Artistic Stamper this morning (Are you the Hels from her site? She mentioned a "Hels" lol).....anyway Jenny said exactly the same thing about archival ink for the project, so looks like thats my next purchase!

Thanks for the kind comments and the helpfull tips :)