Monday, 18 August 2008

And so it begins!........

So here i am, taking my first steps into the world of "the blog".

Why "Mishaps In The Making" i hear you ask? Well for those who don't know me, lets just say my life has been "eventfull", and i am close friends with the hospital staff at the local A&E! I blame the modern craft tools these days......far too sharp and pointy! Don't even get me started on the stickyness of glues!!!

I have been crafting for a few years now, dabbling in many different crafts. I have been known to make the odd handcrafted fairy door or two, and recently am enjoying the many aspects of papercrafts. Funnily enough i was introduced to beading during a stay in hospital!

I have two gorgeous daughters who are craft mad too, in fact we have just turned one end of my bedroom into a craft area. Who needs sleep when you can craft instead?

As for my crafty inspiration, this job has to go to my partner Maddy Hill. One of the most versatile crafters i have ever met, Maddy has not only introduced me to many crafts, but continues to inspire and teach me new things every day. So getting the soppy bit out of the way quickly......thank you Maddy......for everything xxx.

Enough waffle though, welcome to my blog, pull up a seat and a cuppa and enjoy the crafty ride!


Adele said...

Welcome to the World of Blog Calv!

love Dingle.x

iReneM said...

Well done Calv.
I've no doubt you'll keep us smiling.
I love your 10 commandments.

Calv said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Calv your blog is brill love val xxx

Calv said...

Thanks Val, lovely to see you here. Will see you soon next time i'm up at Maddy's. x