Monday, 18 August 2008

Proof i don't bodge everything!

Ok, as this is predominantly a crafty blog, i guess i should provide some evidence that i can actualy create something!

Heres a "pamper tin" i made for my girlfriend. It started life as a large PG Tips tea caddy, but after a little altering and and a good stuffing of pamper goodies, it now has a new life as a pamper tin.

This was my first effort at altering something. I have to admit that i was not blessed with "vision" when it comes to certain craft projects, and this went through various stages of elevated stress levels before i actualy saw something emerge from the mess that was my craft table!

That said, i did enjoy it in the end!


maddy hill said...

This is a gorgeous pamper tin , and was lovely to recieve it Calvin. I particually loved the way you creatively covered up the bloodstain paper with a fetching co-ordinating prima !!!!

Anonymous said...

i'm loving this tin!!!! xx jo xx