Monday, 18 August 2008

Homemade alcohol ink bottle holder.

I like tinkering around with wood. Not saying i'm any good, but once in a while i produce a handy little thing for using around the craft room.

Here i made a holder for my alcohol ink bottles, it also holds the Stickler bottles and various other bottles the same size. Simple to make, get a piece of battening, using a hole saw, drill as many holes as you want along your wood. Sand the wood and holes before cutting a thin piece of wood as a base, this base will stop your bottles falling through the holes.

Glue the base on the bottom, then sand it all again to get the base nice and flush with the top part. Then a lick of varnish or two and hey presto, one bottle holder! Yes i know you can buy these in the shops, but if you can buy them for as cheap as i made this.....that would be nothing as i found the wood in my shed......then best of luck to ya!

Calv's safety tip: Don't hold the wood on your thigh when you are drilling with your hole saw! Not saying i did.....just saying that "i heard" it hurts and can result in you having to bin your jeans!!!

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sharon said...

Homebrew and homemade alcohol are relatively easy to make: just mix some type of sugar, water and yeast. Yeast eats sugar in the water environment, produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. Many of us have tried in some way or other to replicate this process. The true adventure comes in what type of sugar is used, how pure the water is and the type of yeast used. Oh yeah, whatever other kinds of crazy crap that is added to the mixture has an effect on the outcome as well.