Wednesday, 20 August 2008

My crafty space.

Unfortunately i have'nt got a craft room as such yet, however in order to reduce the many areas of the house that were getting cluttered with crafty stash, i decided to put a craft area at the end of my bedroom. The way i see it is this, i craft more than i sleep, so why not put part of the room to good use?

It's not much but it keeps me and two little chipmunks happy. Theres even three of everything so theres no fighting or waiting for tools! I caught two little crafters busy making stuff for thier friends.

Yes i know i have no curtains up yet, i'm deciding on curtains or blinds. Posibly going to go with a nice wooden blind to match the beech worktop. My craft area is very much an ongoing project, i seriously need to sort my storage out. My cheapy veg racks from Argos work a treat for now!

One of the landlord relaxing in his establishment too.............. :) Note the first aid kit to the right of the piccy........and you thought that was just a prop for my header pic! Believe gets good use!

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