Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Recovery from a happy accident.

I'm currently working on a journal as part of a lesson at the craft club which i belong. However, after i did a nice job covering the thing with a lovely paper.......guess who dropped a freshly inked black Stazon pad face down on the front cover? Ah....that would be numpty chops here!

Now i know that many would leave the mistake as it could fit in with the distressed look, but i'm one of these people who would constantly freak that a mistake was showing, so i covered it up.

First i did a tag, stamped it, distress inked it and laid it in the same position as my hash up. The "scratch" effect on the tag was done with the edge of the offending black Stazon pad.

Lastly, for a bit of depth, i stamped onto a piece of stampboard, the image matching the "journey" part of the tag exactly. I then used distress ink for a bit of colour, then crackle glazed it. When dry and fully crackled, i finished it off with a little ink on a cloth to highlight the cracks.

There you balls up nicely sorted!

As my favourite painter Bob Ross always said......"There are no mistakes......just happy accidents!"


Hazel said...

Such a great happy accident, Calv. Welcome to blogland!

c.middleton42 said...

Wow. so wish I could make happy accidents look that good. Well done Calv. Truly inspiring. Love the blog title and love the pic. to go with it, you are an amazing gent indeed.

SUE said...

its brilliant how you have saved it!!

Me I am a chuck it away girl

So does this mean I will read about you HERE and on CBC

OMG double dosage lol

Seriously its a great start I look forward to more


Angelnorth said...

My mum always said "Can you make a feature of it?" if I messed up a crafty project as a kid. You made a great feature of a Stazon blot - well done!

Anonymous said...

Love your Blog name it sums you up hee hee!! I look forward to reading about your adventures or should that say misadventures ;0) but on a more serious note you have made some lovely things Calv well done and lucky Maddy who has been at the receiving end. Donna aka Ferretti xx

Calv said...

Thanks for the kind comments everyone, a reassuring start to my time here. :)