Thursday, 21 August 2008

So i alcohol inked a banana!

Ok i was bored!

After another evening of some successfull-ish alcohol inking, and some slightly less successfull efforts, i decided to ink a banana. Well it's good to research different textures and all that eh?

Pretty chuffed with the results, might make it a regular feature on my blog......."Fruit i inked today!"

Update for fruitinkability rating.......this ones going to get a 5 from me! It was nice to apply the ink to, the colours blended well on the skin, and it was enjoyable due to the generous size and smooth texture! :) I'd have given it a higher rating, but the colour result still does'nt leap out at me shouting FANTASTIC!!!

Time for bed i think, i've learnt a few things tonight whilst playing with my inks, but most importantly.....

Calv's safety tip: Always remember to ensure the lid is on your bottle of gold mixative before vigorously shaking it near your work. Also....once you've learnt your lesson from the first time doing this, don't do it a second time or you'll find yourself needing more mixative!!! (Stupid boy!) Thank the Lord for blending soloution, a great cleaner!

Nite all. :)


Hazel said...

Only you could think of that, Calv!! Love the pics of your craft room.

Anonymous said...

So, my question is--did you end up peeling and eating the banana afterwards? (hee hee!)

Calv said...

Lol, no i didn't, i did put it in the freezer for a keepsake, but i think the kids took it out as i found it on my worktop this morning looking somewhat ill!

It had to go to that big scrap room in the sky unfortunately. :(

greyparrot said...

pmsl oh Calv you do make me chuckle! And I actually think it is very pretty!