Sunday, 24 August 2008

A most inspiring weekend.

This weekend has been quite productive for me in the crafty sense.

I've spent a fair bit of time looking around some totaly inspiring blogs and websites, there are just so many on the internet and i can see i've only just dipped my toe in the inspirational pond of craft sites.

The talent of some people astounds me it really does, my partner Maddy, who inspires me daily, recently introduced me to a hugely talented lady's blog, Lea Sanders. Despite being a male crafter, i'm not the kind of guy who avoids girly makes, indeed i have my fair share of all that glitters and my craft room has more than enough blooms and pink ribbons. My girls make sure of that anyway!

However Lea Sanders's work got my attention straight away. She caters for everyone and everything by the looks of things, and i found her blog a big help with the problem i have about "what colours to use where?" So basicaly, she has a new fan and i will follow her blog with interest. Thanks Lea, and thank you Maddy for the introduction.

(Probably the only time i'll ever have Maddy happy to introduce me to another woman!)

I made a few crafty bits with my girls, they are totaly loving the post-it holders, so of course every man and his dog has been made one. In the past i've done the more mundane and boring parts of craft projects for them like the measuring and the likes, they just did the exciting bits. However this weekend i have got them to do EVERYTHING! Boring as it may have been for them, or at least i thought, they were brilliant and now know loads of new techniques and terminology which they can use again and pass on to friends. Heres a couple they made themselves, no different than mine as far as the standard is concerned! I just checked and adjusted a couple of measurements for them, apart from that, it's all thier own work!

A great kids first effort i thought!

Same again, great result and my Archaic stash is fast dissapearing!

We found a craft fair in our village which was a nice suprise, and i got a compliment of sorts from one of the stallholders! I was explaining to my kids drama teacher about distressing, how to do it, the different materials used etc, and a lady from behind stall was smiling away as i was talking. I got a bit embarrased at first, but she said it was "odd, but nice" to hear a guy talking in such detail about crafting like that. (Is it really that unusual???)

It wasn't until afterwards, i realised how much knowledge i've retained in my journey around the different crafts. I have an advantage that my girlfriends craftroom is like a tutorial to every material and technique out there, she has always been a great source of help and i must have listened sometimes! :)

This weekend has given me a lot more vision for my crafting. Yes i will make a hash up of many of my projects, but they will be happy hash ups that i can learn from. I like to think of my crafty makes like the words of Thomas Edison who invented the lightbulb....... "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work!" :)

So a big thank you to all who have helped this weekend, even if you don't know it!

PS: I've just burnt my sausages whilst writing this! Not impressed!!! At least i know my smoke alarm works. :)

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