Thursday, 26 February 2009

Veg i inked today!

Good evening my lovely bunch of veggie voyeurs!!! :)

Tonight is a special occasion for "Veg i inked today!", in that i bring you this episode LIVE from Maddy's house!!! Why is that so special i hear you shout? Well we all remember the last time i inked something whilst i was staying at Maddy's......yes that's right, i almost poisoned myself to death on a prickly pear! Oh the pain, oh the hairy spines in my skin, oh the swelling......oh the howls of laughter from a sympathetic Maddy whilst i was close to calling an ambulance!!!

Anyway, all is well this week, because i have inked something and it didn't injure me!!!

So enough of the waffle, feast your beady little eyes over my......TURNIP!!!

What a lovely round little beauty this was! :)

Only small mind you, i always thought turnips were bigger than this, but this one was only about three inches across. Anyway, enough about the vital statistics of vegetables, I'm weird but I'm
not that bad yet!

I can't fault this little gem for standing still whilst i inked it, some fruit and veg wriggle about all over the place, but this one stood proud and didn't make a murmur!

I used silver mixative with the turnip, made a nice change from gold. The blues didn't come out quite as nice as I'd hoped, but was did make this something special was the gorgeous pinky purples it produced!

Just check these out!

I have to hold my hands up to having to take these pics before the ink dried too much, turnips make the ink go really dull after a very short while, so you have to take it while you can! (Don't say i don't teach you anything!)

Veginkability rating for the turnip? I'm going to give this one a modest 5!!! It was nice to ink, but nothing special. It wasn't an onion put it that way!

Like i said though, i have emerged from this unscathed, free of any foreign objects, and clean as a whistle....not an ounce of ink on my hands! Does it get any better than that!!!? Maddy can breathe a sigh of relief that no emergency services have been called! :)

Well my good friends of blog land, keep well, keep smiling and I'll see you all next week for another episode of...."Veg i inked today!"

Remember, keep makes people wonder what you've been up to! :)))


JanJ said...

Well I'v never come across an inked veggie before, but am most impressed! It's certainly original! I've got peas with my dinner tonight, I think they might be a little fiddly though!

Love your blog

Jan x

Gez said...

AWESOME turnip..... a '5' seems a bit mean though!! ....IT.. did behave & sit still for you. :O)

Love the purples, Mmmm.

Sarah C said...

Great work and I have to agree with Gez that a 5 seems a little mean!

Bet Maddy was pleased that you chose a harmless turnip this time LOL xx

Happy Crafter said...

What a transformation turnips are so dull looking but this one is a beauty, a mean old five's not good enough sorry :)
Val xxx

Jane Wetzel said...

this is lovely! In the one pic it even looks good enough to eat! The shine is just incredible!

Paula's ponderings said...

Wow thats so brilliant Calv colours are gorgeous! I would agree with the others a 5 is a bit mean..go on boost its self esteem and give it a bit more!

Calv said...

Sorry everyone, i have to stick with the five....or possibly a six :)

Glad you all liked it, and yes Sarah Maddy was pleased that we didn't have to call an ambulance with this one! :)

jami {sgtStamper} said...

This really is stunning. It reminds me of hand-blown glass. What do you do with these after you've inked them?

Tami B. said...

I would rather ink a turnip that eat one. This is gorgeous. I love your inking adventures. Just imagine how much fun you'll have when those new alcohol ink colors come out soon.

Kim Piggott said...

This is just so awesome!
Love those beautiful colours and such a brilliant idea your blog rocks!

MaryNSC said...

I M still LAffing at TAMI B!
Your Mishaps turn out very Pretty!!:O)

Made with Love x said...

your meat and two veg better watch out!!!lol
or better still maddies melons!!lol
sorry had to put that hee hee
I love the alcohol inks,they are just fabby to work with and i cant wait for the new colours and the pen to come out.Just think you will be able to sign your name with them soon and put a face on your veg!!

ger76 said...

oooooh this is pwetty!!!!

I defo should have highrthan a 5 Calv

I've not tried the inks yet but I am tempted luv Ger xxx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

I'd have given it more than a 5 Calv, I think it rates at least an 8 myself. It's fab anyway :)
Anne xx

Lea Sanders said...

Great new veg, Calv!

Run down to the Asian markets and get some lemongrass or bok choy or some long green peppers.

Sara Feeny-Marks said...

Fantastic! I think it's my fave one yet Calv, well done :-)