Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Two can play at that game missy!!!

Hi everyone :)

Please accept my apologies for being the worst and most absent blogger ever, few things on and all know how it is.

So if you remember i recently posted about a certain "spy camp" i found in my shed. Yes that's right, the mouse nest i discovered, and what i believe to be a lair set up by Maddy's little hairy helper, Calvin Mouse. I have it on good authority that he was on a reconnaissance mission to snatch yet more of my stash. Tut tut young hairy runt......what a thing to do!

What makes it worse, Maddy has posted on her blog saying that Calvin Mouse was ill in bed with flu. Now then detectives of blog land, you tell me, does a mouse who is so ill that he has to stay in bed, suddenly have the energy to do a photo shoot with pics looking as full of life as this?

EXACTLY!!! You know I'm right people....Calvin Mouse had the energy to do a practise run for a stash grab from my craft room, i don't care how cute he tries to look with his new puppy, he ain't fooling anyone here!

So as they say, desperate times require desperate measures. Just as any good crafter does, i value my stash immensely. However I'm not always around to keep an eye on it, so what does a guy have to do nowadays to keep his stash safe?

Ladies and gentleman of blog land, please may i introduce you to my new stash minder....the one and only.....ROTTY RAT!!!

Oh yes Calvin Mouse you hairy little stash thief! I gave you the benefit of the doubt after the Sugar Nellie incident, but you can only push a man so far!

Rotty came to me offering his services, he is infamous throughout the rat underworld for his fearsome ability to "look after things"! He might look like a badly made rat with a bit of a belly, but let me tell you, he is a lean mean mouse stomping machine!!!

Wow would you look at that.....he's training already! Using an orange as a punchbag, that's hardcore toughness that is....GO ROTTY!!!

Just look at the intensity on that face as he trains, float like a butterfly, sting like a rat!

Lets take a rats eye view of his target as he works out........

Wohooooooooooo!!!! Look at that rat GO!!!!! Feel the burn Rotty.... FEEL IT BABY!!! :)

Just look at the motivation poster he has on his punchbag, i thought he was working that orange harder than normal!

So there you have it.....Rotty the Rat, mouse masher extraordinaire!!! Lets see Maddy's little helper try and get into my craft room now!

Remember Calvin Mouse, wherever you go.....whatever you do......however cute you think you will forever be looking over your shoulder from now on because of this!......

Take care everyone, and remember.....Rotty's looking out for you and your's the little white devil in disguise that you need to keep an eye on! :)


Heather said...

Meep! Now that's a bruiser if ever I saw one. Calvin will have to mind his Ps and Qs!

(Great work on Rotty. He's brilliant!)

maddy hill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maddy hill said...

Im speechless ....... well almost ... I had to delete the last comment as they may have been children reading !!!!

im gonna say this once mister - calvin mouse never went near your stash and if that bully Rotty goes any where near my darling cute Calvin mouse , im gonna , gonna , im gonna swish him up and re- model him into a poodle ! there !
Besides which he will have to get past his 50 or so fans matey !!
I hope your rotty has made a will ... cos if i see him in my craft - theres gonna be more than trouble ! !

so there !

Paula's ponderings said...

Calvin how could you let that brute anywhere near your crafty stash with his sewery hands...cos thats where they like to roam ya know, he looks like the kind of rat that would keep very bad company. Before you know it youll be invaded by Rotty Rats Rellies!! Talk about Beauty and the Beasty!!

Paula's ponderings said...

PS Great work BTW!!!

Happy Crafter said...

Now then i'm sure when Rotty Rat meets Calvin Mouse in the flesh his heart will melt and they will become best buds, i mean who could resist Calvin i ask you he is soooo cute.
so i think you still got a problem with ya unprotected stash lol.
Val xxx

Sue said...


you 2 should be on the stage so very funny xxx

Sarah C said...

You two crack me up rofl Don't know about Maddy being speechless, but I certainly am rofl

Sheena said...

Ha ha ha!! I can't wait to see the next episode of "Rotty the Rat Vs Calvin Mouse"!!!
Rotty will be needing his own blinkies!!!

Jaqi said...

just wonderful, why are you not writing childrens books? hehehe, Jaqi

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well - all this excitement explains why I haven't heard from you Calv - I guess the answer is pretty much "no way" - right?

And Jaqui is absolutely right - you both should really and truly have a go at writing a children's story - isn't there a website somewhere where people can submit their efforts? There must be.

lots of love

SP said...

Oh could u?
How could u let Rotty destroy your BELOVED fruit?????
One less to ink 8-(

Great coverjob on his scars and tattoo's for his photo shoot ;-)

Hmmm, do a soft spot for bad boys, too....... ;-)


Tonniece said...

ROFL..... Awesome Calvin.
The 4 of you are really making my day. But please don't let him hurt Calvin.

My craft space said...

hehehe, So funny if i feel down all i have to do is come on over to you and Maddy and what a laugh.
Rotty is great but pleeese dont hurt calvin mouse hehe.

love Val xx

Calvin mouse .. said...

and i fought you were my fwiend calvin ?

I didnt take your stash calvin ... i fink it was rotty !

and urrr another fing ... i fought you pinched maddy's stash ?

urr anyway bring him on calvin cos im ready for your bully ! i have my own back up plan !

calvin mouse .

Calv said...

What the flip!!!!!!!!

ROTTY! SIEZE THE HAIRY RUNT! He's hacked into my blog!!!

For someone who was ill with a cold, that was quite a threat young Calvin Mouse!! Been taking the bravery pills this morning today have we?

Right then Rotty.....we need a firewall on here in the shape of a mouse trap....pronto!!!

Calvin mouse .. said...

errrrrrrrr calvin ... as you know im a papercrafting mouse and errr well ive just been become an honerary member of the errr copics challenge blog ... and well i just to errrrr let ya know like , that sewer rat of yours aint welcome ... its like ..rat free..errrrrrrm sorry about that like but ya know ... thats life ..

and i quote ...

Blogger Paula's ponderings said...

you are so welcome Calvin, and rest assured sweet thing, no rats allowed!!! We look forward to seeing what you come up with...all your own work ~ of course!!!!!

05 February 2009 13:48

calvin mouse ...

Rotty Rat said...

Don't worry boss..puff..pant...i'm here...found an old sandwich in the way...munch...puff....pant....need to spend a bit more time on that punchbag i think....right then wheres that mouse!!!

Calvin Mouse get your scrawny backside out of this blog! Your names not down....ya not comin in!!!

Quote Calvin Mouse "as you know im a papercrafting mouse and errr well ive just been become an honerary member of the errr copics challenge blog".

Am i supposed to be impressed? Want a medal or something? Lets get something clear boss likes to run a tight ship around here, no funny business right! He can't do that with furrballs stealing his stash!

Ain't gonna happen ok!!!

So spread the word Calvin Mouse, if you or any of your mouse friends even attempt to get near my boss's'll have Rotty to deal with.

I promised you i'll show you another use for a gluestick!!!

KAPEESH? (Thats rat underworld speak for understand...silly mouse!)

Hippy at Heart said...

You are so funny Calv and Rotty Rat doesn't look like he is to be messed with.

Jennie said...

oooh looks like whiskers at dawn ..rofl....

Dawny P said...

Be afraid Calvin Mouse, be verrry afraid!! I wouldn't mess with this bad boy if I was him. You pair are nutters, but then so am I which is why I love coming here x

Julie said...

LOL sooooooooooo funny !!!