Thursday, 19 February 2009

Veg i inked today!

Waheyyyyyy!!!! Good evening everyone......sorry I've turned up a bit late, had a bit of an incident with a rubber glove and some gold mixative.....not to worry though, welcome to another night of bizarre inking, yes folks it's time for another episode of "Veg i inked today!"

Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and lose yourself in the land of arty veg.
This week challenged me a little, not because of the fruit I've inked tonight, but the ones that failed miserably in practise! I wrecked a turnip, obliterated a radish and the less said about the parsnip i tried the better! Grab your hankies people, yes i'm sorry to say that they have all now gone to that big casserole in the really was that bad! :(

So we find ourselves here once again waiting with baited breath, itching to find out what will be revealed to your good selves. Veggie fans, will you please stand up and put your hands together for .......THE LEEK!!!

As they say in football, this was a game of two halves. (I think they say that, i can't stand football myself, but hey!). Yes folks, i liked one half of this leek, but not the other half.
The end with the leaves, sprout tops, whatever you want to call them, did not ink very well at all, in that the colours went dark very quick. Possibly due to the leafy end being much greener in colour, so the colours didn't stand out as well. The other end was lovely to ink though...

Each colour gave off a lovely vibrant finish, a bit splodgy here and there but then again this was a quick one tonight.
The gold mixative played a big part again, and broke up some of the darker colours nicely.

The thing i loved most about this weeks veg inking, is that it demonstrates perfectly how you don't need tons of colours to get numerous results. All i used this week was red pepper, wild plum and stream blue. A bit of gold mixative here and there but otherwise just the three colours.
Yet look what we get when they collide....everything from greens to pinks, purples to vibrant turquoise colours. An excellent example of getting more for your money by mixing them.
Yes i can hear you all gathering closer, biting your lip in anticipation, coffee cups shaking with excitement and wondering about the veginkability rating. Well this one i think deserves a 6!!!
Had the other end of the leek been better, i would have easily given this an 8, but i think a 6 is still a fine score for this lanky fellow.
Unfortunately i forgot to wear rubber gloves gain, so i now have to spend a week with coloured hands, and people feeling sorry for me because it looks like i have been tattooed by a drunk blind man....using a mop to apply the ink! :)
Thank you for tuning in again everyone, i hope you like my leek. Have a great week whatever you are doing, and i look forward to popping around all of your blogs over the next few days. I was a bit rubbish at that, but Maddy showed me am easier way to do I'll be seeing ya!
Night all :)


Nora said...

'K! That is one seriously COOL leek! Can't wait to see whacha do next week.

Calv said...

Thanks Nora :)

tracy said...

Wow it stunning the colours are so gorgeous.

Sheena said...

I never thought I'd ever say that I like a leak!! Brilliant!

Gez said...

WOW....a leek. The colours look superb where they have collided!

rofl...Can't believe what has happened to Rotty!!

I tried to leave a comment earlier today but I think blogger is acting up at the moment no postings were showing up!

Glad I finally got to see this weeks inking. Have a lovely weekend. :)

alcoholinky said...


Calv said...

Thank you everyone, lovely to see you here :) Glad you like the leek.

Gez, i had the same earlier, i came onto my blog and saw nothing....panic is not the word! :)

Kate said...

Great leek!! it looks amazing.