Friday, 6 February 2009


Hi all :)

Yes at long last i have finally bowed to pressure and and returned with the now world famous feature where i ink alcohol ink the edible!

Oh yes my loyal friends, for the last few months you have followed my fruit inking adventures with a dedication that has astounded me! From far and wide, people put their lives on hold every Thursday evening to tune in for "Fruit i inked today!

Well folks, as you know i ran out of fruit to ink, at least fruit i could get hold of. So now we have entered a new era of inking, a step forward in the evolution of crafting, and dare i say it....a giant leap for ink kind...tonight good people of blogland, may i welcome you all to the first episode of


For those who are new to my blog and therefore my inking escapades, it's simple. Every Thursday night (possibly early hours of Friday if the veg is a slippery sucker), i make a vegetable look a million times better via the medium of alcohol ink.

Why you may ask? Coz i can would be the answer to that one. :) Now and again there may be a tiny bit of slightly dramatic banter thrown in, but otherwise this is a deadly serious art i tell you.

So without further ado.....on with the first subject. This little fella was sat there in the bottom of my fridge looking a bit fed up, so i decided to make him my first subject of the new series. May i present to you all.......THE ONION!!!!

Not a bad effort on the whole (give me some slack, it's my first time for a while). I had to peel the outer layer off before inking, but what a beauty to ink this was!
The ink stays nice and vibrant on the skin even when it's dried, which was literally unheard of with the fruit unless i enameled it. The colours mixed nicely, but not so much that they went muddy, to be honest this was great to ink.
Although this first time back was just a basic colour job, i liked it. I just used Wild plum, Stream blue and Red Pepper.

Whenever i ink anything spherical, it always reminds me of a globe, the polar ice cap is looking a bit dodgy up here but otherwise i would say it was a lovely start to inking veg. Baby steps and all that....a delicate process this veg inking you know.

Oh yes, i can just see some of you saying, "What is this guy on about? All he's done is splattered some veg with ink!" Oh how wrong you would be. It only takes a moments lapse of concentration, and BANG!'ve ruined a carrot!!!
I new a guy who thought he'd get cocky and try his hand at it, so he went up to his allotment.....all they found was his shoes and little splatters of Wild Plum!!!
So child's play it is not my good friends. Ooh.....the "veginkability" rating? Yes that is a word by the way...a common word down our way...made up by me....just then. :)

As this young onion was brave enough to be he first subject of the new series, and as it did a great job in displaying the colours off, I'm going to give it a veginkablity rating of 7.

The onion....a great way to return to one of the most bizarre features you'll legally see on a blog!!
Take care everyone, thanks for tuning in and remember....when you are buying vegetables next, i know you are stood there wondering, "Should i eat it....or ink it? :)

Same time next week.......Night all.


Jane Wetzel said...

too much!!! you crack me up! glad u r the BLOOMIN ONION...the color is stupendous!!!

Jennie said...

Love the onion :) xxx

Paula's ponderings said...

That look amazing Calv, who'd have thought that something so ...well....boring....could end up looking like that! Gorgeous!

Creative Treasures said...

Gorgeous colours Calv, it look fab.


Paula said...

Yay. I once more have a purpose to get up on a Thursday. Loving the onion, you could tie a ribbon on it and use it to decorate a christmas tree. Pretty and fragrant all at the same time!

Calv said...

Thanks everyone, nice to see you back looking at bizzare inked food again. :)

I know what you mean Paula, it does look like some kind of fancy xmas bauble doesn't it?

Great thing about this is that it doesn't smell as i just took the brown shell off of it and none of the actualy layers.

maddy hill said...

Calvin , ive missed your ink and your inking humour lol .... fab onion it looks very vibrant

glad to see the mad inking man back !

Dawny P said...

My onions look drab now compared to this lovely - ohh that sounds all kinds of wrong, but you know what I means!! Fab job Calv. If it didn't whiff, I'd have that in me living room!!!

Hazel said...

Lovely vibrant colours that have stayed that way - that onion is a perfect candidate for your inking. Have you found a way of preserving your inked fruit and veg? x

Calv said...

Thanks Maddy :) Please ask your furry friend to note that my inks are guarded 24/7! Don't even think about it or he won't just get away with the Wild Plum inking next time.

Cheers Dawny, if you think that sounds wrong, spare a thought for me who spent half an hour last night pondering if stating that "Whilst my fruit and veg may look good enough to eat" on my disclaimer was inappropriate or not!

Then it dawned on me, i was mistaking the phrase for "meat and two veg! :)

Hi Hazel....still at a loss for that one, the only one thats ever been semi good was the avacado because i UTEE'd it, but even that wend funny inside in the end, and the gourde "fairy hot air ballon" that is still hung up in my craft room and doing well!

annmarie said...

Calv ....

I was thinking of making lemon cake today .... and the fact that you can get waxed lemons had me thinking of batik effects with a waxed lemon ....

Crikey ... I hope it isn't catching ;)

I wonder what looks good on lemon yellow .....

Ellen said...

oh I think that ink looks nicer on fruit and veg than on paper.

Jessica said...

Lovely onion! I showed your effort to my son who, until recently, was the produce manager of one of our local grocery stores. (Yes Piggly Wiggly does exist!) He couldn't believe you actually do this. He said he'd like to see you do okra! Thanks for being silly you. I get a laugh every time I tune in.

alcoholinky said...

lol - that's one cool onion. the inks took really well!

Rachel said...

Glad to see your inking back!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

The onion looks fab Calv ;)
Anne x

tee said...

Calv...gorgeous Onion you have there...looks kinda like a globe!

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

WoW!! It looks fab! :0)

Tami B. said...

Hooray for chapter 2 of the inked edibles. This onion is absolutely stunning. I'm imagining all those beautiful winter squashes being inked. I can hardly wait.