Friday, 20 February 2009

Someone is NOT impressed!!!

A quick bit of background info for those who do not have kids or who don't watch kids tv programmes.
"H20: Just Add Water" is a popular kids programme about 3 girls in Australia, they turn into mermaids when they touch water and all have special powers.
Anyway, this morning i woke up and went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. My girls had already been up a little while and had obviously been busy. Reaching up on my shelf for the teabags i discovered a little notescribbled on some paper.....(excuse the spelling lol)...

I chuckled to myself, as i often do when i find litle notes from the kids. You almost wish you could spend a minute in thier heads to see what they are thinking lol.
However someone else was not so impressed! You see the note was not apparently written by my youngest as first thought, oh no. "Apparently" a certain little man wrote it!!!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!! Rotty is still bruised and battered after the Copic collision, he hasn't even had the energy to take his glasses off......and a little monkey has gone and stuck a plastic fin on him!
"Hey ok there mate?"
"Tell me i'm seeing things boss, just tell me I'm SEEING THINGS!!!!!!!"
"Hmmm, not sure i can Rotty, sorry about that, you see they were up earlier than me and you know what kids are like."
"This is humiliating boss!!! other word for it, get me down from here before anyone from the sewer sees me!!!"
"Ok Rotty, right away mate...besides, i think you look quite fetching in it lol."
"Leave it boss.....LEAVE IT!!!"
Think i better let him go and find his dignity again. :)


Adele said... have me in hysterics Calv....Jack and Milly came running in to se what was wrong!

love Dingle.xx

Calvin mouse .. said...

I'd just like to err say rotty.. that errr that look suits you (ha ha)

who's a big girls blouse now ? (giggle)

couldnt have happened to a nicer rat really .... ha ha ....

thanks erm for the ...giggle today rotty ......

I knew you had a secret , but urm who would have guessed it was wearing fins eh ?

Ive never heard of a cross dressing ermmmmm rat before .. (giggle)

love calvin mouse x
mouse superstar and papercrafter ... and who doesnt wear fins ..hehee !

Hazel said...

ROFL!!! What a giggle.

Love the leek! (pity about the inky hands!) x

Rotty Rat said...

Yeah thats right you furry little cheese laugh, you just laugh while you can!

Remember, i have been raised in the sewers, i have learnt skills that would make your pink ears stand on end...just you remember that when you sleep at night!!!

Oh and Calvin Mouse....just one week when my boss goes up to Maddy's, guess who has a first class seat in my boss's backpack?

Oh yes you sticky fingered furry little runt... be afraid....BE VERY AFRAID!!! GRRR!!

Paula's ponderings said...

always thought there was something fishy about that rat!

Toni said...

poor Rotty
nice colour though suits you lol

Amy said...

HAHAHA who would have guessed... Rotty's plan backfired again. Great work guys.. I am throroughly enjoying the reads.